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Mary Parish Edwards

Father: Mother:

Ebenezer Edwards
Martha T Watson

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

2/24/1823 Gilford NH 12/28/1905
Springfield MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
John Colby Morrison 2/20/1842
Gilford NH Samuel Morrison
Sallie Kelley

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Bethlehem NH 10/23/1898 Littleton NH


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Clara Bell Morrison 8/11/1845 Bethlehem NH 2/11/1912 St. Johnsbury VT
John Franklin Morrison 2/12/1857 St. Johnsbury VT


Family located: Littleton NH since 1880
Occupation: Blacksmith

Other Info:

Mary Edwards Morrison died of chronic nephritis, buried Littleton NH
John Colby Morrison died of apoplexy bur Glenwood Cem

Clara Bell Morrison m 4/29/1869 Manhattan, New York, NY Daniel Webster Ranlet s of Charles Ranlet and Harriet Ladd
Charles T Ranlet d 1909 Caledonia VT
Daniel W Ranlet d 12/1/1924 St Johnsbury VT Arterio Sclerosis
Bessie R Horton d 8/22/1923 at 41 wife of Charles Horton dau of Daniel Ranlet and Clara Belle Morrison


1860 Gilford (Belknap) NH
John C Morrison    37    Carriage Maker    1800    200    NH
Mary C    26    NH
Clara B    15    NH
Frank J    6    NH
A B Whicher    24    Wheelwright    NH
John H Ladd    12    NH

1870 Ward 4 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Morrison Mary    46    Keeps House    NH
_____ John F    16    works in jewelry shop    NH
_____ Warren    7    attends school    NH

1870 Lee (Strafford) NH
Morrison Clara    25    Domestic Servant    NH
living in the home of Farna Wilson

1880 Littleton Village (Grafton) NH
Morrison John C    54    Carriage Maker    NH    NH    NH
_____ Mary P    52    Wife    Runs House        NH    NH    NH
_____ John F    24    Blacksmith    VT    NH    NH

1920 Springfield (Hampden) MA
Morrison John F    63    Wd    MA    VT    VT    Foreman    __ __
Ward Angeline B    Daughter    28    MA    NH    MA    none
_____ __ H    Son in law    32    VT    VT    VT    __ Dyer    Dye House
_____ Elanor    Granddaughter    2    S    MA    VT    MA    none
Morrison Harold    Son    19    S    MA    NH    MA    Assembler    __ Fac

1870 Bethlehem (Grafton) NH
Ranlett Daniel W    28    Works in Hotel    NH
living in the household of John A Durgin, Hotel Keeper

1880 Bethlehem (Grafton) NH
Ranlet Daniel W    38    Hotel Keeper    NH    NH    NH
_____ clara B    35    Keeping House    NH    NH    NH
_____ Charles T    8    Son    NH    NH    NH
_____ Daniel M    3    Son    NH    NH    NH
Hatch Ida b    21    Servant    Domestic Servant    Canada    ME    Canada

1900 Littleton (Grafton) NH
Ranlet Daniel W    Sept 1842    M 31    NH    NH    NH    Coachman
_____ Clara B    Aug 1846    M 31    4    3    NH    NH    NH
_____ Bessie    Daughter    Jan 1881    D    NH    NH    NH
Bingham Harry    Boarder    Mar 1821    S    VT    NH    NH    Lawyer

1900 St Johnsbury (Caledonia) VT
Ranlet Charles T    Sept 1871    M 8    NH    NH    NH    Printer
_____ Gertrude I    Nov 1869    M 8    0    0    NH    NH    NH

1910 St Johnsbury (Caledonia) VT
Ranlet Daniel W    68    M1 40    NH    NH    NH    Printer    Printing office
_____ Clara B    64    M1 40        3    2    NH    NH    NH    none
_____ Bessie    Daughter    29    S    NH    NH    NH    Supervisor    Telephone office

1910 Queens (Queens) NY
Ranlet Daniel M    33    M1 11    NH    NH    NH    engineer- concrete co
_____ Margaret    32    M1 11    5    4    NY    Ire    Ire    none
_____ Dalton B    son    10    S    NY    NH    NY    none
_____ Donal J    son    7    S    VT    NH    NY    none
_____ Charles    son    4    S    NY    NH    NY    none
_____ Ruth O    Daughter    1 4/12    NY    NH    NY    none

1920 St Johnsbury (Caledonia) VT
Horton Charles H    61    M    VT    England    England    Purchasing Agent    ?? Co
_____ Bessie R    38    M    NH    NH    NH    none
_____ Claire E    Daughter    ^    S    VT    VT    NH    none
_____ Adelaide R    Daughter    5    S    VT    VT    NH    none
Ranlet Daniel W    Father in Law    78    Wd    NH    NH    NH    none

1920 Jersey City (Hudson) NJ
Ranlet Daniel    43    M    NH    NH    NH    Engineer Crane    Automa\obile
_____ Gertrude    30    M    NY    NY    NY    none
_____ Donald    Son    17    S    VT    NH    NY    Salesman    ?? Instruments
_____ Charles    Son    14    S    NY    NH    NY    none
_____ Gertrude    Daughter    1 4/12    S NY    NH    NY    none
_____ Amelia    Daughter    1 4/12    S    NY    NH    NY    none
Robertson George    Father in law    65    Wd    NY    Scotland    Scotland    none

1930 Jersey City (Hudson) NJ
Ranlet Daniel M    53    M 21    NH    NH    NH    Engineer    Motor Co
_____ Bessie    41    M    35    NY    NY    NY    none
_____ Donald    Son    26    S    VT    NH    NY    Office Manager    Surveying Industry
_____ Charles    Son    24    S    NY    NH    NY    Receiving Dept    Dept store
_____ Gertrude    Daughter    11    S    NY    NH    NY    none
_____ Amelia    Daughter    11    S    NY    NH    NY    none
_____ Eleanor    Daughter    9    S    NJ    NH    NY    none
_____ Dorothy    Daughter    7    S    NJ    NH    NY    none
_____ Daniel Jr    Son    3 3/12    S    NJ    NH    NY    none


John Colby Morrison was the son of Samuel Morrison and Sally Kelley Morrison.  Samuel is considered to be the 8th settler to the town of Bethlehem.  He arrived here in late 1799 at the age of 16.  Born in Exeter NH 3/18/1783, died in 1869 in Bethlehem NH.  Samuel was the son of William Morrison and Abigail Trefethen Morrison
source: MBMMD via email, June 24, 2005