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Sarah Wallingford Edwards

Father: Mother:

John Edwards
Betsy Powers Holden (Mrs.)

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

3/1/1812 Gilmanton NH 1/24/1902 Haverhill MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Lewis Heath 4/15/1832 Concord NH Samuel Heath Sarah Webster

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

8/15/1803 Bristol NH 4/15/1858 East Andover NH


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Rufus Lewis Heath 7/11/1833 Bristol NH 6/2/1843 Danville NH
Charles Edwin Heath 10/16/1837 Haverhill MA 6/5/1910
San Diego CA
Sarah Josephine Heath 11/25/1840 Danville NH

Franklin Pierce Heath 7/15/1846 East Andover NH 4/14/1897 San Diego CA
Martha Ellen Heath 10/23/1848 East Andover NH

George Lewis Heath 10/6/1851 East Andover NH 2/15/1858 East Andover NH


Family located: East Andover NH
Occupation: Shoemaker

Other Info:

Frank P Heath 24 brakeman of Concord NH m 6/12/1869 Northwood NH Mary E Chapman 23 of Concord NH, her 2nd marriage
Frank P Heath 26 carriagemaker of Concord NH m 7/8/1871 Abby J Lull 22 of Concord NH, his 2nd marriage

Reuben Clemens Miller d 4/1/1902 Haverhill MA chronic myocarditis s of Isaac Miller and Mary Perry, bur Hilldale Cemetery
Mabel Heath Miller b 9/28/1871 Haverhill MA
Raymond L Miller 2/26/2877 Haverhill MA
Mary J Miller 5/4/1875 Haverhill MA
Raymond Lewis Miller m 12/24/1910 Haverhill MA Jessie Fielden Dewhirst 35 dau of James Dewhirst and Hannah M _____

Martha E Heath 30 m 6/25/1879 Lawrence MA Henry F Chandler 43 provisions dealer b Andover MA s of Joshua Chandler and Eliza J _____
Henry F Chandler 11/16/1906 Haverhill MA arterio-sclerosis, b Andover MA s of Joshua Chandler and Martha Flint, bur W Andover MA

Sarah Edwards Heath died of old age at 37 Cedar Street, buried East Andover NH

Charles E Heath b MA 1837/38 reg voter of San Diego CA 1886/90/92/94

F P Heath b NH 1848/49 reg voter San Diego CA 1886/1890

Albert H Heath b IA 1867 reg voter San Diego CA 1890/92/94


1850 Andover (Merrimac) NH
Lewis Heath    47    Shoemaker    NH
Sarah    35
Charles E    13
Josephine    9
Frank    5
Martha    2

1860 Andover (Merrimack) NH
Sarah W Heath    46    200    50    NH
Frank P    14    NH
Martha B    11

1870 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Miller Reuben    33    shoe stitcher    0    1000    Nova Scotia
_____ Josephine    27    Keeps house    NH
Heath Nellie    22    clerk in fancy goods store    NH

1870 Tama (Tama) IA
Heath Charles E    32    Merchant    2000    500    MA
_____ Elizabeth    28    Keeping house    500    OH
_____ Albert H    3    at home    IA
_____ Erle H    1    at home    IA
Welch Catherine    11    Domestic servant    IA

1880 Andover (Merrimac) NH
Heath Sarah W    67    Widowed    Keeping House    NH    MA    NH

1880 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Miller Reuben C    44    runs stitching room    Nova Scotia    Nova Scotia    Nova Scotia
_____ Josephine    38    runs stitching room    NH    NH    NH
_____ Mabel H    8    Daughter    at school    MA    Nova Scotia    NH
_____ Mary J    5    Daughter    MA    Nova Scotia    NH
_____ Raymond    3    Son    MA    Nova Scotia    NH
Davenport Lucy    28    Housekeeper    VA    VA    VA

1880 Lawrence (Essex) MA
Chandler Henry F    44    Provision Dealer    MA    MA    MA
_____ Ellen M    31    Keeping House    NH    NH    NH
_____ Frederick N    9    Son    at school    MA    MA    MA
_____ Carl H    6    Son    at school    MA    MA    MA   
_____ Helen A    4    Daughter    at school    MA    MA    MA
Lewis Mary    23    Servant    Servant    Wales    Wales    Wales

1880 Mt Vernon (Linn) IA
Herman David    73    Retired Farmer    PA    PA    ??
_____ Susan    66    Keeping House    PA    PA    PA
Heath Bertie    13    Grandson    at school    IA    NH    OH

1880 Rosita (Custer) CO
Heath Frank    33    Tool Sharpener    NH    NH    NH
_____ Abby    29    NH    NH    NH

1900 Haverhill City (Essex) MA
Miller Reuben C    Feb 1836    M 33    Nova Scotia    Nova Scotia    Nova Scotia    Foreman Shoe ___
_____ Sarah J    Nov 1842    M 33    3    2    NH    NH    NH
_____ Mabel H    Daughter    Sept 1874    S    MA    Nova Scotia    NH    Clerk Public Library
_____ Raymond L    Son    Feb 1878    S    MA    Nova Scotia    NH    __ Cashier Am EX office
Heath Sarah Edwards    m in law    Mar 1812    Wd    6    4    NH    NH    NH

1900 Lawrence (Essex) MA
Chandler Henry F    Sept 1835    M    33    MA    MA    MA    paper and twine store
_____ Nellie    Sept 1848    M    33    4    3    NH    NH    NH
_____ Fred N    son    Aug 1870    29    S    MA    MA    NH    lawyer
_____ Carl    son    Apr 1874    S    MA    MA    NH    news paper reporter
_____ Helen A    daughter    Feb 1876    MA    MA    NH

1900 Los Angeles (Los Angeles) CA
Heath Charles E    Oct 1840    M 18    MA    VT    VT    Real Estate Agt
_____ Narcissa    May 1859    M 18    0    0    KY    KY    KY

1910 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Miller Sarah J    69    Wd    3    2    NH    NH    NH    own income
_____ Mabel H    daughter    36    S    MA    Canada    NH    assistant    library
_____ Raymond L    son    31    S    MA    Canada    NH    teamster    coal

1910 Lawrence (Essex) MA
Chandler Nellie M    62    Wd    NH    NH    NH    none

1910 San Diego (San Diego) CA
Heath Chas E    72    M2    27    MA    MA    MA    Salesman    Real Estate
_____ Narcissa    62    M1    27    0    KY    KY    KY    none

1910 San Diego (San Diego) CA
Heath Albert H    Lodger    35    S    IA    MA    OH    Printer    Private shop


Lewis Heath, wife Sarah W, and children Rufus and George are buried in Andover Congregational Church cemetery, Andover NH


For more information about the ancestors of Lewis Heath, see this section of Palfenier Connections 10 June 2008.