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Chapter 1
The Edwards Coat of Arms

Family Records:
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John 2
John 3
Richard 3
Jonathan 3
Samuel 3
Nathaniel 3
William 3


The Crockett Connection
Edwards and the Civil War
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Our Immigrant Ancestors
1906 Census

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This Old House
Justin Edwards had a Farm
Letters from Henry

Ruth Edwards

Father: Mother:

John Edwards
Betsy Powers Holden (Mrs.)

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

5/10/1790 Gilmanton NH 11/20/1852 Haverhill MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Richard Prout Bennett 3/31/1817 Gilmanton NH Winthrop Bennett Elizabeth Prout

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

12/15/1793 Haverhill MA 2/22/1876 Haverhill MA


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Sabrina Edwards Bennett 11/18/1818 Gilmanton NH
12/22/1860 Haverhill MA
Almira Edwards Bennett 7/24/1823
Jeremiah Washington Bennett 10/31/1825 Gilmanton NH
12/18/1906 Haverhill MA
Decator Richard Bennett 11/14/1829 Gilmanton NH
7//1897 Haverhill MA
Frances Salinda Bennett 5/27/1833 Gilmanton NH
12/7/1910 Haverhill MA


Family located: Gilmanton NH; Plaistow NH; Haverhill MA
His occupation: Hotel Keeper, Tanner 

Other Info:

Sabrina Bennett Turner died of pulmonary comsumption in Concord NH [resident of Haverhill]
Decator Bennett d of cancer of the oesophagus
Jeremiah W Bennett died of bronchitis, buried Linwood Cemetery
Frances S Bennett died of general break down from senility, buried Linwood Cemetery


1830 Gilmanton (Belknap) NH
Richard P Bennett
1 male under5
1 female 10-15
1 male, 1 female 30-40

1840 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Richard P Bennet
2 males, 1 female 5-10
1 female 20-30
1 male 30-40
1 female 50-60

1850 Haverhill (Grafton) NH
Richard P Bennet    59    Shoemaker    NH
Ruth    "    60    NH
Jeremiah    24    Shoemaker    NH
Frances    17    NH
Decatin    22    Shoemaker    NH
Sabrina E    30    NH
David Swan    30    Shoemaker    Mass
Chandler Woodward    26    Painter    Vermont
Weeks J. Bennet    23    Lastmaker    Vermont
Eli Baker    19    Shoemaker    Canada
Henry Woodward    19    Lastmaker    Vermont

1860 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Jerry Bennett    45    Trader    0    1000    NH
Jerry C    “    38    Trader    0    1000    NH
Decater    “    31    Trader    0    0    NH
Elenora Eno    21    Servant    Canada
Frances Bennett    26    NH

1870 Ward No 4 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Bennett Richard    77    Farmer    3000    1000    MA
_____ Jeremiah    55    Shoe dealer    MA
_____ Decater    25    Shoe dealer    MA

1880 Ward 2 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Bennett Decauter R    55    S    Boot & Shoe Store    ma    ME    ME
living in a hotel on Main Street

1880 Ward 2 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Bennett Frances    47    S    at home    MA    MA    MA
living in the home of Elbridge Woodard on Green Street

1900 Haverhill City (Essex) MA
Bennett Francis S    May 1833    S    NH    NH    NH    no occupation listed
2 other persons in household, 1 lodger, 1 servant

1910 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Bennett Frances S    76    S    NH    NH    NH    Own Income
2 other persons in household 1 roomer, 1 lodger