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Chapter 1
The Edwards Coat of Arms

Family Records:
John 1
John 2
John 3
Richard 3
Jonathan 3
Samuel 3
Nathaniel 3
William 3


The Crockett Connection
Edwards and the Civil War
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Our Immigrant Ancestors
1906 Census

Family Fun
Mayberry Hill Chronicles

This Old House
Justin Edwards had a Farm
Letters from Henry

James Edwards

Father: Mother:

David Edwards
Alcemina Frisbie

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

2/17/1822 Gilmanton NH 10/31/1893 Newbury VT


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Jane Wallace Avery 10/15/1854 Newbury VT George Avery Vesta Virgin

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

2/23/1832 Newbury VT 2/25/1902 Newbury VT


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:


Family located: Newbury VT
Occupation: Farmer

Jane Wallace Avery was the sister of Park Avery.

Other Info:


1860 Newbury (Orange) VT
James Edmonds    38    Farmer    1500    524    NH
Jame W    28    VT

1870 Newbury (Orange) VT
Edwards James    48    Farmer    3500    1800    NH
_____ Jane W    38    Keeping House    VT
March John B    38    Farm Laborer    Canada PQ
same dwelling, different family
Edwards John    46    Farmer    3500    1800
_____ Margaret    42    Keeping House    VT
_____Belle H    20    VT
_____ Jennie W    16    VT
_____ Eugene F    14    VT
_____ George W    6    VT
_____ Nellie M    3    VT
_____ David    73    Retired Farmer    NH
_____ Elsie M    75    ME

1880 Newbury (Orange) VT
Edwards James    58    Farmer    NH    NH    ME
_____ Jane W    48    Wife    Keeping House    VT    VT    VT
Crouch Alford    36    Widowed    Laborer    VT

1900    Newbury Town (Orange) VT
Edwards Jane Mar 1832    Wd    0    0    VT    VT    NH