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Lucy Ann Edwards

Father: Mother:

John Edwards
Lucy Pollard

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

9/6/1830 Haverhill MA 10/25/1903 Haverhill MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Nelson Spofford 11/20/1851 Haverhill MA Sewell Spofford Elizabeth Nelson

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

6/8/1826 Georgetown MA 10/3/1906 Haverhill MA


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Nelson Spofford
Haverhill MA
Georgetown MA
John Sewell Spofford 11/11/1857 Haverhill MA

[male] Spofford
Haverhill MA

[female] Spofford
Haverhill MA

Nathaniel Nelson Spofford 12/5/1866 Haverhill MA


Family located: Haverhill MA
Occupation: Civil Engineer

Other Info:

Lucy Edwards Spofford died of pneumonia/exhaustion, buried Harmony Cemetery Georgetown MA
Nelson Spofford died of Eczema - Paralysis and General debility, buried Harmony Cemetery Georgetown MA

John S Spofford 21 Civil Engineer of Haverhill m 7/28/1878 Bradford MA Effie M Parker 18 of Bradford b Groveland MA dau of Henry T Parker and Sarah J _____
Howard Nelson Spofford b 7/18/1881 Haverhill MA
Lucy Edwards Spofford b 3/29/1885 Haverhill MA
Catherine Parker Spofford b 3/21/1897 Haverhill MA

Nathaniel N Spofford 25 Hotel Proprietor of Georgetown MA m 6/1/1892 Plaistow NH Harriet Bartlett Welch 18 of Plaistow NH b 6/30/1873 Plaistow dau of John F Welch and Lizzie Estelle Cheney
Sarah Edwards Spofford b 4/18/1893 Haverhill MA
Elizabeth N Spofford b 7/15/1905 Danvers MA


1860 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Nelson Spofford    34    Carpenter    MA
Lucy A    29    MA
John S    2    MA
John Edwards    68    Farmer    4800
Nathl M    22    Civil Engineer    MA
Sarah S    20    MA

1870 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Spofford Nelson    44    Surveyor 0    1500    MA
_____ Lucy A    40    Keeps house    MA
_____ John S    12    attends school    MA
_____ Nathaniel    3    at home    MA
Edwards John    78    no employment    3000    2000    MA
Wetherell Maria    21    servant    NH

1880 Ward Four Haverhill (Essex) MA
Spofford Nelson    53    Civil Engineer    MA    MA    MA
_____ Lucy A    49    Wife    Keeping House    MA    MA    MA
_____ John S    22    Son    Junk Dealer    MA    MA    MA
_____Effie M    18    Daughter-in-law    Boarder    MA    MA    MA
_____ Nathaniel N    13    Son    At School    MA    MA    MA
Smith Elizabeth    26    Servant    Servant    Eng    Eng    Eng

1900 Haverhill City (Essex) MA
Arlington Place
Spofford Nelson    June 1826    M 48    MA    MA    MA    Civ Engineer
_____ Lucy A    Sept 1830    M 48    5    2    MA    MA    NH
Edwards Sarah S    s in law    Aug    1839    S    MA    MA    MA
next door
Spofford Nathaniel    June 1866    M 8    MA    MA    MA    Mgr telephone comp
_____ Harriet    June 1873    M 8    1    1    MA    MA    MA
_____ Sallie    Daughter    Apr 1893    MA    MA    MA

1910 Arlington (Middlesex) MA
Spofford Nathaniel M    43    18    MA    MA    MA    Civil Engineer    Water Power
_____ Harriet A    36    18    2    2    NH    NH    NH
_____ Sally E    daughter    17    S    MA    MA    NH
_____ Elizabeth    daughter    4    S    MA    MA    NH

1910 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Spofford John S    52    31    MA    MA    MA    Inspector    Post Office
_____ Effie M    47    31    3    3    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ Linnie E    Daughter    25    S    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ Katherine P    Daughter    17    S    MA    MA    MA    none

1920 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Spofford John S    62    M    MA    MA    MA    Clerk    Post Office
_____ Effie M    58    M    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ Catherine P    Daughter    22    S    MA    MA    MA    ___    Hospital

1930 Haverhill (Essex) MA
Spofford John S    73    M 21    MA    MA    MA    Clerk    Post Office
_____ Effie M    68    M 17    MA    MA    MA    none


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