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The Edwards Coat of Arms

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Eliza F Edwards

Father: Mother:

Timothy Edwards
Roxcelia Farrington

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

10/13/1829 Walden VT


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Jabez Ellis Walcott 12/27/1854 Boston MA Benjamin E Walcott Emeline E _____

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

1833 Attleboro MA 8/30/1898 Providence RI


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Lizzie Emeline Walcott 8/20/1855 Quincy MA

Emma Roxcelia Walcott 3/28/1857 Chicago IL

William Walcott 2/1860 Boston MA


Family located: Providence RI
Occupation: Jeweller; Inventor

Member of Bristol Commandery, K. T.

Other Info:

Emma R Walcott m 7/25/1878 Attleborough MA Josiah E Draper 25 of Attleboro, b Attleboro s of Frank S Draper and Harriet E Robinson
Josiah Draper b 5/6/1880 Attleborough MA
Harold Walcott Draper b 5/28/1884 Attleborough MA
Josiah Everett Draper 51 4 19 laundryman d 5/19/1904 N Attleborough MA tabes dorsolis b N Attleborough MA s of Frank S Draper and Harriett E Robinson, bur Mt Hope Cemetery N Attleborough MA


1860 Ward 4 Boston (Suffolk) MA
New England House 26 Clinton
among others
J L Walcott    35    WS
Mrs    35    VT
Miss    5    MA
Miss    3    MA
Master    8/12    MA
Celia E Edwards    19    VT

1870 Attleborough (Bristol) MA
Walcott Jabes E    39    Machinist    0    200    MA
_____ Lizzie    35    Keeping House    VT
_____ Lizzie    15    Goes to School    MA
_____ Emma    13    Goes to School    Chicago IL
_____ Willie    10    Goes to School    MA

1880 Attleborough (Bristol) MA
Walcott William    20    Boarder    works in Jewelry Shop    MA    MA    MA
living in the home of Wm H Goodhue

1880 Attleborough (Bristol) MA
Draper Josiah E    27    works in jewelry manufactory    MA    MA    MA
_____ Emma R    22    keeping house    MA    MA    VT
_____ Josiah    1/12    May    son    MA    MA    MA

1900 Boston (Suffolk) MA
Pitcher James W    Aug 1830    M 47    ME    ME    ME    Agent (Liquor Trade)
_____ Caroline G    Aug 1830    M 47    2    1    VT    VT    VT
_____ Frederick B    Feb 1869    M 3    MA    ME    VT
_____ Annie A    Daughter in law    April 1874    M 3    0    NY    NY    NY
Wallcott Elizabeth E    Niece    Aug 1855    S    MA    MA    VT    Public School Teacher
1 servant also in household

1900 N Attleborough (Bristol) MA
Draper Joseph E    Jany 1854    M 21    MA    MA    MA    Laundry man
_____ Emma R    Mar 1858    M 21    2    2    IL    IL    IL
_____ Josiah F    Son    May 1880    S    MA    MA    IL    Laundry man
_____ Harold W    Son    May 1884    S    MA    MA    IL    at school
1 servant, 2 lodgers also in household

1910 Providence (Providence) RI
Walcott William J    50    14    MA    MA    VT    Bench ___    Jewelry
_____ Harriet B    54    14    RI    RI    RI    none

1920 Providence (Providence) RI
Walcott William J    59    MA    MA    VT    Bench Hand    Jewelry Shop
_____ Hattie A    63    RI    RI    RI    none

1930 Providence (Providence) RI
Home for Aged Men and Aged Couples
Walcott William J    70    M 26    MA    MA    VT    none
_____ Harriet A    74    M 16    RI    RI    RI    none


For more information about the ancestors of Jabez Ellis Walcott, see this section of The Wright Family Genealogy.