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Abraham Edwards

Father: Mother:

John Edwards
Jane Bragden

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

4/19/1806Durham ME11/28/1888Poland Me


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Sarah Morse

Joseph Morse _____ Stone

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

1/31/1803 Otisfield ME 7/26/1874 Poland ME


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Elsie Edwards 12/13/1833 Otisfield ME 6/18/1853 Poland ME
Sarah Jane Edwards 11/14/1835 Otisfield ME 2/24/1881 Otisfield ME
Cynthia Edwards 3/27/1837 Poland ME 3/5/1871 Poland ME
Isaac Freeman Edwards 4/5/1840 Poland ME
Poland ME
Leander Edwards 10/24/1842 Poland ME

Margaret Edwards 5/25/1845 Poland ME 2/25/1910 Poland ME


Family located: Poland ME
Occupation: Farmer

Elsie, Cynthia, Leander, and Margaret Edwards were not married. Leander and Margaret lived on the old homestead in W. Poland ME.

Other Info:


1840 Poland (Cumberland) ME
Abram Edwards
1 male 1 female under 5
2 females 5-10
1 male 1 female 30-40

1850 Poland (Cumberland) ME
Abraham Edwards    44    Farmer    450
Sarah    47
Elsy    17
Sarah J    16
Cinthia    13
Isaach F    10
Leander    7
Margarett    5

1860 Poland (Androscoggin) ME
Abraham Edwards    56    Farmer    600    200    NH
Sarah    57    ME
Sarah H    25
Cynthia    23
Isaac F    20
Leanda    17
Magarette    15

1870 Poland (Androscoggin) ME
Edwards Abram    64    Farmer    1100    485 ME
_____ Sarah    67    Keeping House    ME
_____ Cyntha    31    ME
_____ Leander    27    works on Farm    ME
_____ Margaret    25    Seamstress

1880 Poland (Androscoggin) ME
Edwards Abraham    76    Farmer    ME    NH    NH
_____ Margaret    35    Daughter    Keeps house    ME    ME    ME
_____ Leander    37    Farmer    Lame knee    ME    ME    ME

1900 Poland Town (Androscoggin) ME
Edwards Leander    Oct 1842    S    ME    ME    ME    Farmer
_____ Margaret M    Sister    M 1845    S    ME    ME    ME    House Keeper
_____ John H    Nephew    Sept 1872    S    ME    ME    ME    Farm Laborer

1910 Poland (Androscoggin) ME
Edwards Leander    67    S    ME    ME    ME    Farmer    General Farm
_____ John    Partner    37    S    ME    ME    ME    Farmer    Home Farm
Jordan Joseph F G    Boarder    71    S    MA    ME    ME    Agent    Railroad

1920 Poland (Androscoggin) ME
Edwards Leander    77    S    ME    ME    ME    Farmer    Home Farm
_____ John    Nephew    37    S    ME    ME    ME    Farm Laborer    Farm


Abraham (Abram on tombstone) Edwards, his wife Sarah, and children Elsie, Cynthia, Leander (d. 1926), and Margaret, are all buried in Highland Cemetery on Megquier Hill in West Poland ME.

Published History/Genealogy:

Morse, Joseph, son of Nathan, b. Nov. 22, 1762. He married Sarah Smith of Wrentham, b. Mar. 1, 1764, sister to his brother Nathans wife and also to Chloe Smith the girl schoolteacher, who married Ebenezer Kollack... dau. Sarah m. Abraham Edwards 5/18/1832.
Source: History of Otisfield by William Samuel Spurr; Reprinted by the Town of Otisfield, 2nd edition

Leander and Margaret are listed in the 1906 Census, living in Poland.