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Britannia Edwards

Father: Mother:

Nathaniel Edwards
Mary Gammon

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

11/1/1817 Otisfield ME 10/16/1860 Otisfield ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
James Gardner Warren 4/30/1839 Otisfield ME James Warren Rebekah Huston

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

11/24/1864 Harrison ME


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Elizabeth Jane Warren 10/13/1840 Otisfield ME 9/6/1908 Harrison ME
Nathaniel Edwards Warren 10/23/1842 Otisfield ME 3/3/1909 Portland ME
Margaret Frances Warren 2/5/1845 Otisfield ME

Simon Huston Warren 8/31/1847 Otisfield ME 3/1864 Otisfield ME
James Lewis Warren 11/17/1848 Otisfield ME

Emily Isabelle Warren 4/10/1851 Otisfield ME 10/13/1855 Otisfield ME
Mary Melissa Warren 6/15/1853 Otisfield ME 8/27/1859 Otisfield ME
Sarah Emma Warren 12/1/1857 Otisfield ME


Family located: Otisfield ME; Harrison ME
Occupation: Carpenter; Farmer

A double wedding occurred at the home of Nathaniel Edwards 4th., when Britannia Edwards and James Warren, and Washington Edwards and Abigail Stevens Edwards were married.

James G. Warren enlisted, Nov., 1863 in Co. B, 29th. Me. Vol. Regt. Inf., Civil War. Being sick, he came home on a furlough, returned to the war, was sent to vote in Presidential election, returned home, and died there.

Nathaniel E. Warren enlisted, Sept., 1861, in Co. G, 10th Me. Vol. Regt. Inf., Civil War; was honorably discharged, June 1866. He attained rank of Corporal. He participated in Banks' retreat from Winchester to Williamsport; battles of Cedar Mountain, Second Bull Run, and Cedar Creek; also Red River Expedition; and several other engagements.

Other Info:


1840 Harrison (Cumberland) ME
Gardiner Warren
1 male, 1 female 20-30

1850 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME   
James G Warren    37    Joiner    500
Brittannia    32
Elizabeth J    9
Nathaniel    7
Margaret F    5
Simon H    3
James L    1

1860 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
James G Warren    47    Farmer    700    400    Gorham
Britanna    42    Wife    Otisfield
Elizabeth W    19    House Work    Otisfield
Nathaniel E    17    Farming    Otisfield
Margaret F    15    House Work    Otisfield
Simeon H    12    Otisfield
James L    10    Otisfield
Sarah E    2    Otisfield

1870 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Warren James L    21    Farm Laborer    ME
_____ Jullia A    21    Keeping House    ME

1870 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Warren Nathaniel E    29    Farmer    300    315    ME
_____ Sarah E    13    At Home    ME

1870 Harrison (Cumberland) ME
Hamlin Rufus K    32    Farmer    600    100    ME
_____ Margaret F    25    Keeping House    ME
_____ Selia B    3    ME
_____ Ivory G    9/12    ME
same dwelling different family
Hamlin Frank    23    Farmer    __ 100    ME
_____ Lizzie    29    Keeping House    ME
Fisk Frank    40    Works on Farm    ME
Hamlin Barbara    69    ME    blind

1880 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Morey Isaac J    27    Farmer    ME    ME    ME
_____ Sarah E    23    Keeping house    ME    ME    ME
_____ Isabella M    7    Daughter    going to school    ME    ME    ME
_____ Lizzie J    6    Daughter    ME    ME    ME
Cloudman ???    12    Nephew    going to school    ME    ME    ME

1880 Deering (Cumberland) ME
Warren James L    32    maker of __ medicine    ME    ME    ME
_____ Addie J    31    Keeping House    ME    ME    ME
_____ Minnie b    9    Daughter    at School    ME    ME    ME
_____ Ethel W    7    Daughter    at School    ME    ME    ME
_____ Charles G    5    Son    at School    ME    ME    ME
_____ Percy W    4    Son    at Home    ME    ME    ME
_____ Gracie M    2    Daughter    at Home    ME    ME    ME
Reynolds Millie    22    Servant    ME    ME    ME

1880 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Warren Nathaniel E    37    Carpenter    ME    ME    ME

1900 Town of Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Warren Nathaniel E    Oct 1842    M 16    ME    ME    ME    Farmer
_____ Henrietta L    July 1862    M 16    4    4    ME    ME    ME
_____ George D    Son    Nov 1885    S    ME    ME    ME    Day Laborer
_____ Earle    Son    June 1887    S    ME    ME    ME    Day Laborer
_____ Iva M    Daughter    June 1890    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Lubelle    Daughter    Apr 1900    S    ME    ME    ME

1900 Lynn City (Essex) MA
Warren James L    Nov 1847    M 30    ME    ME    ME    Physician
_____ Addie J    Dec 1847    M 30    10    10    ME    ME    ME
_____ Grace M    Daughter    Aug 1878    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Alton A    Son    July 1880    S    ME    ME    ME    Shoe Cutter
_____ Clyde J    Son    Oct 1882    S    ME    ME    ME    Shoe Cutter
_____ Goldie A    Son    Jan 1886    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Austin W    Son    Dec 1887    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Verdell C    Son    June 1893    S    ME    ME    ME
Cheney Josephine    Boarder    June 1859    D    4    4    ME    ME    ME    Book Keeper
Esty Frank O    Boarder    Mar 1877    S    ME    NY    MA    Shoe Cutter

1900 Otisfield town (Cumberland) ME
Hamlin Rufus    Feb 1838    M 35    ME    ME    ME    Farmer
_____ Margaret F    Feb 1845    M 35    3    3ME    ME    ME
_____ Ivory R    Son    Sept 1869    S    ME    ME    ME    Carpenter
_____ Ernest J    Son    May 1881    S    ME    ME    ME    Farm Laborer
_____ Oscar     Son    June 1887    S    ME    ME    ME    Servant
_____ Emery S    Gr Son    Sept 1894    S    ME    ME    ME
Caswell Rachel F    Boarder    Dec 1829    S    ME    ME    ME


 Published History/Genealogy:

James Gardner Warren son of James Warren and Rebekah Huston 1/13/1813-11/24/1864 at Harrison m 4/30/1839 Brittania Edwards lived in that part of Otisfield called Tamworth, the last house before Scribners Mills. enlisted 11//1863 co B 29th inf. Being sick he came home on a furlough, returned to the war, was sent home to vote and died there. Children:
Elizabeth Jane m Frank Hamlin, Harvey Knapp
Nathaniel Edwards 10/23/1842-3/3/1909 in Portland
Margaret Frances m. Rufus Hamlin int 9/19/1864
Simon Huston 8/31/1847-3//1864
James Lewis 11/17/1848
Emily Isabelle 4/10/1851-10/13/1855
Mary Melissa 5/15/1853-7/27/1859
Sarah Emma m Isaac Morey (intentions filed 11/19/1870); Fred Bolster 12/25/1900

Nathaniel E. Warren m 5/25/1884 Etta K. Lovewell dau of Henry K Lovewell and Mary Nash b 7/8/1862-4/15/1932. enlisted 9//1861 co G 10 ME Inf. dis. 6//1866. Participated in Banks retreat from Winchester to Williamsport, was in battles of Cedar Mountain, Second Bull Run, and Cedar Creek, also in Red River Expedition. He attained the rank of Corporal. He was a first class carpenter and built the house in which he lived, south of his fathers house (since burned). He was a sincere member of the prohibition party and a devout church member and Christian.
George G. born 11/3/1885, d. 11/21/1915
Earl born 6/30/1887, lives in Bridgton
Iva M. born 6/11/1890, m. Alpheus Holden, lives in Bridgton
Bertha Lubelle born 4/25/1900, m. _____ Darling.

James L. Warren 11/17/1849 m Julia A. Haskell (12/1/1843) dau of Enoch Haskell and Mary A. Caswell of Harrison. He was a doctor and lived in Lynn MA
Minnie A. born 7/29/1870. m. Charles E. Knight 5/30/1891
Ethel D. born 5/21/1872, m. Albert O. Knight 9/25/1904
Charles G. born 10/8/1875, m. Elvie M. Dow 10/12/1893
Percy W. born 4/11/1876, m. 1st Ruby A. Estey 11/18/1895, m. 2nd Anna G. Shearer 7/8/1901
Grace M. born 8/16/1878, m. Frank O. Estey 8/16/1901
Alton S. born 7/20/1880, m. Harriet Crozier 11/18/1896
Clyde J. C. born 10/14/1883, m. Elsie M. Lund 11/20/1902
Source: History of Otisfield by William Samuel Spurr; Reprinted by the Town of Otisfield, 2nd edition

Margaret (Warren) Hamlin, husband Rufus, and 9 children are listed in the 1906 Census, living in Otisfield.
N E Warren, his wife and four children are listed in the 1906 Census, living in Otisfield.
Lizzie J (Warren) Knapp is listed in the 1906 Census, living in Harrison.

 Unpublished Resources:

Agreement between Jas. L. and N. E. Warren:

Otisfield Me., July 8, 1885
Know all men by these presence that I, N. E. Warren, of Otisfield, in the County of Cumberland and State of Maine, in consideration of Two Hundred and Eighty Dollars ($280.) do sell and convey to Jas. L. Warren, of the aforesaid Town, County and State, all my right, title, and interest in the business of putting up and selling the medicines known as Warren's Botanic Medicines. And I, the said N. E. Warren, my Heirs, Executors or Administrators, am to hold the property and business of putting up an selling said medicines security for said Two Hundred & Eighty Dollars.
Provided nevertheless that if the said James L. Warren, his Heirs, Executors or Administrators pay to the said N. E. Warren, his Heirs, Executors, or Administrators the sum of Two Hundred and Eighty Dollars as follows;- Twenty Dollars in four months, and Thirty Dollars one year from date, and Fifty Dollars and interest, annually, until paid in full this agreement shall be null and void, otherwise shall remain in full force. James L. Warren
Emma S. Morray  

Letter to Etta Lovewell's mother, recently widowed, from her brother-in-law
Eliot Depot, Me.
Aug. 5, 1862
Thinking that a few lines from me might be acceptable to you. I will try to write.
How mysterious are the ways of Providence!
"God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform."
but He knows what is best & can sanctify our afflictions to us for good. "All things shall work together for good to them that love God.: What a precious promise. I sympathise with you in your affliction, and my prayer is that God will be with you sustain, comfort and bless you, and may you ever find his grace sufficient for you. It is hard to part with loved ones but if they die in the Lord & we prove faith (I) feel we shall soon meet again, where death will never enter, & where no parting scenes will ever be known.
Trust in God, dear sister, and submit to His will, remembering that he has said that they who trust
********(portion missing)
good thing. "No good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly." Take the precious promises contained in the bible for your comfort, & look to God in prayer for his blessing, & you may feel day by day, that all is well.
You need not fear that you will not find friends for as a family we feel for you, and consider you as a sister, entitled to a sisters love, and to a share in our homes and hearts. Henry is
********(portion missing)
rests in glory. He fell in a good cause, & we have a right to feel that we have done something for our country, in giving a husband & brother for the cause.
It is an honor to stand by the old flag in this time of peril. I expect to visit Father's folks next week & shall probably see you at that time, or before I return.
We shall probably have a funeral sermon at South Paris on the 24th of this month if it will suit your convenience, to be there at that time. We all send our love to you. May God bless you and your little one. Your Br. A. B. Lovewell
Copies of both of the above documents were sent to me by Nancy Pelletier, Lewiston ME; also a copy of this picture of James Gardner Warren


Nathaniel Warren, wife Etta, and son George are buried in Oakdale Cemetery, Otisfield ME.

Lizzie J (Warren) Knapp is buried in Oakdale Cemetery, Otisfield ME


For more information about the ancestors of James Gardner Warren, see this section of Flink-Hanson Family Genealogy.