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Dominicus Jordan Edwards

Father: Mother:

Nathaniel Edwards
Mary Gammon

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

5/5/1832 Otisfield ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Lottie Gage 4/15/1871 Otisfield ME Kennedy Gage Jane Crickard

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

5/24/1848 St. George N. B.


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Llewellyn Nathaniel Edwards 10/6/1873 Otisfield ME

Forrest Lineous Edwards 10/6/1877 Otisfield ME

Dayton James Edwards 9/7/1882 Otisfield ME


Family located: Otisfield ME
Occupation: Fruit Grower; Farmer

Dominicus J. Edwards received by deed from his father the old homestead and land which the latter purchased from Grinfill Blake.

In 1868 he began the cultivation of hops and continued same until 1878, when on account of impaired health he was obliged to abandon same. In 1880 he purchased and set out about two hundred apple trees. This was the beginning of the large apple orchards containing approximately two thousand eight hundred trees, now owned by his son, Forrest.

In 1883 he began the work of remodeling and enlarging the house and barns which had been constructed by his father. he built a barn, one hundred and eight feet long by thirty-six feet wide, and tore down the tow barn structures which previously existed. This new structure was added to two years later, so that its present length is one hundred and forty feet. In 1888 the one and one-half story house built by his father was completely remodeled and enlarged to form the now existing two story one. The accompanying cut shows the buildings as they now exist.

photo of Dominicus Jordan Edwards
photo of Lottie Gage

Other Info:


1870 The Town of Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Dominicus    38    Farmer    2000    570    ME
_____ Nathaniel    81    Farmer    NH
_____ Mary    81    Keeping House    ME
_____ David    54    Farmer    800    175    ME
Mitchell Lizzie    35    House Keeper    ME

1880 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Dominicus    48    Farmer    ME    NH    ME
_____ Lottie    32    Wife    Keeping house    New Brunswick    New Brunswick    New Brunswick
_____ Llewellyn N    6    Son    ME    ME    New Brunswick
_____ Forest L    2    Son    ME    ME    New Brunswick
_____ David    65    Brother    Farmer    ME    NH    ME
Smith Sumner    16    Servant    Farm Laborer    Canada    ME    ME

1900 Otisfield town (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Dominicus J    May 1832    M 27        ME    ME    ME    Farmer
_____ Lottie    May 1848    M 27    0    0    ME    ME    ME
_____ Llewellyn N    Son    Oct 1874    S    ME    ME    ME    Civil Engineer
_____ Forest F    Son    Oct 1878    S    ME    ME    ME    Farmer
_____ Dayton J    Son    Sept 1883    S    ME    ME    ME    at school
Waterhouse Amy    Boarder    Aug 1891    S    ME    ME    ME    at school

1910 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Forest L    32    S    ME    ME    ME    Farmer    General Farm
_____ Dominicus J    Father    77    37    ME    ME    ME    Retired Farmer
_____ Lottie F    Mother    61    37    3    3    Can    Can    Can    none
_____ Zylba L    Niece    6    S    PA    ME    PA    none
_____ Margaret L    Niece    2    S    Can    ME    PA    none
Chaplin ___    Laborer    20    S    ME    ME    ME    Laborer    On Farm

1920 Otisfield (Oxford) ME
Edwards Forrest L    43    S    ME    ME    New Brunswick US    Farmer    Apple Farm
_____ Lottie    Mother    71    Wd    ???    NY    New Brunswick    none


Dominicus and Lottie are buried in Forrest Edwards' Cemetery, Otisfield ME.

Published History/Genealogy:

Dominicus son of Nathaniel lived on the old homestead of his father and in 1880 set out two hundred apple trees. This was the beginning of the large orchards containing about 3,000 trees now owned by his son Forrest. Dominicus also engaged extensively in hop raising at one time. He built a large set of buildings, the barn 140 feet long, also a house for storage of apples.
Source: History of Otisfield by William Samuel Spurr; Reprinted by the Town of Otisfield, 2nd edition

Dominicus and Lottie are listed in the 1906 Census, living in Otisfield.