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Susan Dunnell Edwards

Father: Mother:

Bryce Smith Edwards
Abigail Flood

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

8/19/1833 Industry ME 5/27/1914 Utica NY


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Ebenezer Vaughn 11/5/1854 Madison ME Ebenezer Vaughn _____ Norton

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

6/28/1818 Norridgewock ME 5/9/1889 Jamaica Plains MA


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
John Edwards Vaughn 2/26/1857
8/12/1889 PA
Mary Hardy Vaughn 4/18/1860

Elizabeth Leavitt Vaughn 3/19/1867

Laura Mitchell Vaughn 12/9/1868


Family located: Madison ME; Jamaica Plains MA
Occupation: Farmer

Other Info:

Mary H Vaughn m George H Cleaves, had son Eben Vaughn Cleaves b 10/31/1891, Steuben ME


1860 Madison (Somerset) ME
Eben Vaughn    41    Farmer    800    475
Susan D    26
Lucy F    12
Emma S    9
Lyman B    8
John E    3
Mary    2/12
Sarah Hinkly    63

1870 the town of Madison    (Somerset) ME
Vaughn Eben    51    Painter    1200    450    ME
_____ Susan D    37    Keeping house    ME
_____ Emma L    18    School teacher    ME
_____ John E    13    At home    ME
_____ Mary H    10    At home    ME
_____ Elizabeth    3    At home    ME
_____ Laura M    1    At home    ME

1910 East Cleveland (Cuyahaga) OH
Gifford Owen    49    14    NY    NY    NY    Manufacturer    Grocers Special
_____ Elizabeth L    43    14    2    2    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Paul L    Son    10    S    OH    NY    ME    none
_____ Lois    Daughter    5    S    OH    NY    ME    none
Vaughn Susan E    Mother in law    77    Wd    4    3    ME    ME    ME    none
Mei_ Anna    Maid    17    S    OH    Switz    Switz    Servant    Private Family

1920 Cleveland Heights (Cuyahaga) OH
Gifford Owen    59    NY    NY    NY    Real Estate Own Business
_____ Elizabeth    53    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Paul L    adopted son    20    SOH    NY    ME    Real Estate    Salesman
_____ Lois    adopted daughter    15    OH    NY    ME    none
King Ella G    Servant    45    S    MI    PA    NY    Housework    Private home
Gifford Orpha P    Niece    20    S    NY    NY    NY    Stenographer    Office

1930 Cleveland Heights (Cuyahaga) OH
Gifford Owen    69    M 35    NY    NY    NY    Broker    Real Estate
_____ Elizabeth E    63    M 28    ME    ME    ME    Saleslady    Real Estate
Dyer George D    Nephew    28    M 26    IL    IL    IL    Engineer    Boiler Co
_____ Orpha    Niece    30    M 28    NY    NY    NY    none


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