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Charles Henry Edwards

Father: Mother:

Luther Edwards
Louise Churchill

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

3/9/1850 Casco ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Emma Sprague 6/15/1872 Lewiston ME James Henry Sprague Olive Moody

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

3/19/1854 Winslow's Mills ME


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Ella Mason Edwards 12/5/1876 Casco ME

Persis Louise Edwards 10/15/1879 Casco ME

Luther Clifford Edwards 12/28/1880 Casco ME

James Henry Edwards 11/7/1889 Casco ME

Olive Sprague Edwards 6/27/1891 Casco ME


Family located: Casco ME
Occupation: Farmer

Charles H. Edwards served in Co. D, 12th. Me. Regt. Inf., Civil War. He was mustered out Feb. 11, 1865.

Charles Henry Edwards and family lived for one year in that part of Casco, known as "Chadeguay" in a log house built by himself and his brother Hall. He then purchased a farm located on "The Pond" road, where he resided until May 14, 1889, when his house was burned and the family was obliged to take temporary quarters in a small building which had then recently been constructed for farm purposes. Bunks were erected along one wall of the building and the remaining space served for all other household purposes.

In June, 1889, the present homestead located on "Mayberry Hill" was purchased. In later years the house was entirely remodeled to form the now existing comfortable two story residence.

Other Info:


1870 Lewiston Ward 2 (Androscoggin) ME
Edwards Luther    53    Farm Laborer    3000    1000    ME
_____ Louisa    39    House keeping    ME
_____ Henry    20    Labor on farm    ME    Oct
_____ Hattie    16    House keeping    ME
_____ Sarah A    12    at school    ME
_____ Susie    10    at school    ME
_____ Hall    8    at school    ME
_____ Jennie E    6    at school    ME
_____ Lucy    4    at school    ME
_____ Nellie    2    ME
_____ Eddie    8/12    ME    Oct
_____ Harlow    15    Labor on farm    ME
Allen H B    20    ?????    ME
_____ Mary J    18    boarding    ME
_____ Charles B    7/12    ME    Nov
Edwards Sarah K    26    work in mill    ME    Oct

1880 Casco (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Charles H    30    Farmer    ME    ME    ME
_____ Emma S    26    Wife    Keeping House    ME    ME    ME
_____ Ella J    3    Daughter    ME    ME    ME
_____ Percis L    1    Daughter    ME    ME    ME
_____ Luther C    1/12    Son    ME    ME    ME
_____ Hall    19    Brother    Farmer    ME    ME    ME

1900 Casco town (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Henry    Mar 1850    M 28    ME    ME    ME    Farmer
_____ Emma S    Mar 1854    M 28    ME    ME    ME
_____ Luther C    Son    Dec 1880    S    ME    ME    ME    Farm Laborer
_____ Henry J    Son    Nov 1888    S    ME    ME    ME    at school
_____ Olive S    Dau    June 1891    S    ME    ME    ME    at school
Reed Persis L    Dau    Oct 1878    M 3    1    1    ME    ME    ME
_____ Ellsworth C    Son    July 1899    S    ME    ME    ME
Cummings Melissa    Boarder    Oct 1858    M 1    0    0    ME    ME    ME    Boarder

1910 Casco (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Charles H    60    M2    37    ME    ME    ME    Farmer    General Farm
_____ Emma S    56    37    5    5    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ James H    Son    20    S    ME    ME    ME    Laborer    Home Farm
Cummings Melissa    Boarder    58    M2    9    3    ME    ME    ME    none    town charge

1920 Casco (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Henry C    69    ME    ME    ME    Farmer    General
_____ Emma    65    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Henry J    30    ME    ME    ME    Farmer    At home
_____ Maude E    Daughter in law    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Justin    Grandson    1 3/12    ME    ME    ME    none



Charles Henry Edwards and wife Emma are buried in Green Grove Cemetery, Casco ME.


For more information about the ancestors of Emma Sprague, see this section of DarrelLa MarWakley10.

Published History/Genealogy:

This family is listed in the 1906 Census, living in Casco.