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Ephraham Edwards

Father: Mother:

William Edwards
Lydia Baker

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

5/17/1797 Otisfield ME 5/17/1870 Poland ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Margaret Brown Jordan 1815

Andrew Brown Rachel Small

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

4/28/1792 Gray ME 4/28/1868 Poland ME


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
William Edwards 1816
1901 Poland ME
Asa Edwards 2/29/1820
2/27/1906 Casco ME
Lydia Edwards 12/24/1822

Malden MA
Joshua Edwards 11//1824

Ship Island LA
Juliette Edwards 9/29/1825
10/25/1894 Poland ME
Jonas Edwards 2/29/1828
3/8/1911 Poland ME
Dennis Edwards 1830
8/16/1898 Portland ME
Isaac Edwards 1831
9/29/1903 Windham ME
Ephraham Edwards 1833
1855 Poland ME
David Edwards 7/2/1834
3/5/1906 Malden MA


Family located: Casco ME; Poland ME
Occupation: Farmer

Ephraham's Night in a Hurricane
When Ephraham lived on his farm in So. Otisfield, Me., he was awakened one night by the violent blowing of the wind, and a little later became aware that the large doors on his barn had blown open. Fearing that the roof of the barn might blow off, he got out of bed, and started out to close the barn doors, clad in nothing but his night shirt.
Ephraham was a small, spare man, addicted to profane language, when mentally disturbed. Naturally enough he was not in the best of spirits under these conditions. Everything was well, until he passed around the corner of the barn, where he was particularly exposed to the power of the gale. An unusually strong blast nearly raised him off his feet and swept him across the yard wholly out of his course. As he was forced to go against his will, he, no doubt, felt that some unseen one was taking advantage of him. He struggled to keep his feet under him, at the same time warning the unseen "Take, take care, G--d-- you, take, take care G--d-- you."

Margaret Brown Jordan was the sister of Dorcas Brown

Other Info:


1820 Raymond (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Ephm 
3 males under 10
1 male 16-26
1 female 26-45
1 agri

1830 Raymond (Cumberland) ME
2 males 1 female under 5
1 male 5-10
2 males 10-15
1 male 1 female 30-40

1837 Gray Surplus
Ephraim Edwards
2 persons under 4
8 persons 4-21
2 persons over 21

1840 Poland (Cumberland) ME
Ephraim Edwards
1 male under 5
3 males 5-10
2 males 1 female 10-15
1 male 15-20
1 female 30-40
1 male 40-50

1850 Poland (Cumberland) ME
Ephraim Edwards    55    Farmer    1200
Margarett    59
Ephraim Jr    21    Farmer
Daniel    19    Farmer
David    16    Farmer
Isaac    14

1860 Poland (Androscoggin) ME
Ephraim Edwards    64    Farmer    1200    300
Margerette    66
Isaac    24    Farm Laborer
Emaline    18
Annia    11/12


Ephraham Edwards and wife Margaret are buried in Edwards Family Cemetery, Poland ME


I think this is his family mentioned in 1837 Census for Gray Surplus

Published History/Genealogy:

Ephraim Edwards youngest son of William married, according to the Edwards Genealogy, Mary Brown of Raymond, but his intention of marriage to Peggy Jordan of Gray was recorded in the Otisfield town records Aug. 17, 1816, so there is some error somewhere. He lived on Johnson Hill in Poland, where Fairfield Edwards now lives. He probably was married twice, first to Peggy Jordan who probably died soon after Wm. was born.
Source: History of Otisfield by William Samuel Spurr; Reprinted by the Town of Otisfield, 2nd edition