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Jeremiah Edwards

Father: Mother:

William Edwards
Mary Edwards

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

9/2/1808 Casco ME 10/26/1882 Casco ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Eliza Edwards 2/21/1832 Otisfield ME Simeon Edwards
Eunice Gammon

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

3/23/1809 Otisfield ME 9/18/1867 Casco ME
Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Mary Barney Walker 9/14/1873 Charlestown MA Joseph Walker
Mary Barney

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Grafton NH(?)
Casco ME


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Emeline Frances Edwards 10/17/1833 Otisfield ME
Casco ME
Almon Edwards 5/1836 Otisfield ME 4/17/1837 Otisfield ME
Harrison Edwards 2/16/1842 Otisfield ME 2/1/1907 Casco ME


Family located: Otisfield ME; Casco ME
Occupation: Farmer

Haying Under Difficulties
On account of threatening bad weather Jeremiah and Ebenezer had hauled in hay all night and were, no doubt, physically tired out. When it began to rain in the morning, they lay down for a rest, and both fell asleep. Jeremiah was the first to awake, and realizing that they had slept longer than they intended, called out, "Eben, Eben, wake up, its almost sun down." When both had become thoroughly awakened, they found that it was sunrise of the next day, and that they had slept nearly twenty-four hours.
The Barn Raising
At the time when Ebenezer and Jeremiah built their barn in So. Otisfield, Me., the frame of the building was raised at an "old time raising." On such occasions the men folk of the inhabitants within a radius of, say five miles were invited to participate in raising the timbers. It was customary to christen the new building when the framework had been completely raised. This consisted of a short speech, often a stanza of poetry, delivered by a man standing upon the ridgepole, following which he drank a bottle of liquor. On this occasion the following was recited:-
"Here stands a fine frame on Dunkertown flat,
It belongs to two grandsons of old uncle Nat.
We hope they'll be able to board and shingle it and call it their own
And be as happy as a king on his throne."

Other Info:


1840 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Jeremiah Edwards
1 female 5-10
1 male 1 female 30-40

1850 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Jeremiah Edwards    42    Farmer    1400
Eliza    41
Emiline    15
Harrison    9

1860 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Jeremiah Edwards    51    Farmer    3000    700
Eliza    51    Wife
Harrison    19
Polly    76    Mother & Widow

1870 Casco (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Jeremiah    61    Farmer    4000    3500    ME
_____ Harrison    29    Farmer    5000    1500    ME
_____ Lucy A    25    Keeping house    ME
_____ Frances    3    ME
Gammon Charles    31    Farmer    ME

1880 Casco (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Jeremiah    71    Farmer    ME    MA    MA
_____ Mary    46    Wife    Keeping house    Paralysis    NH    NH    NH


Jeremiah Edwards and wives Eliza and Mary are buried in Forrest Edwards' Cemetery, Otisfield ME.

Published History/Genealogy:

Jeremiah Edwards son of Wm. and his brother Ebenezer lived together at first but later dissolved partnership and Jeremiah built a nice set of buildings on the hill near the Cove that bears his name and lived there until his buildings burned about 1868-70. He then moved to Mayberry Hill in Casco, south of Potter Mayberrys Corner, first in the house at the corner of the Heath road, and later across the road farther south, where his son Harrison, and now grandson Norman lived.
Source: History of Otisfield by William Samuel Spurr; Reprinted by the Town of Otisfield, 2nd edition