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Lydia Baker Edwards

Father: Mother:

Asa Baker Edwards
Sally Jiles

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

1/20/1808 Otisfield ME 3/20/1874
Cape Elizabeth ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Ebenezer Thrasher 1/21/1827
Cape Elizabeth ME
Ebenezer Thrasher
Lucretia Johnson
of Cape Elizabeth ME Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Cape Elizabeth ME


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Sarah Thrasher 11/31/1827 Cape Elizabeth ME

Lucretia Thrasher 12/3/1830 Cape Elizabeth ME

Deborah Thrasher12/20/1833
Cape Elizabeth ME

Eben Thrasher
Cape Elizabeth ME

Henry Thrasher 7/9/1845 Cape Elizabeth ME

Elizabeth W Thrasher


Other Info:

Lydia B [Edwards] Thrasher bur Old Settlers Cemetery, South Portland ME; see findagrave
Elizabeth W Thrasher bur Old Settlers Cemetery, South Portland ME; see findagrave

George W and Sarah J Libby div 1872
Sarah [Thrasher] Libby and ch Lucretia and Frank Eugene bur Old Settlers' Cemetery, So Portland ME
James S Libby b 11/9/1842 Cape Elizabeth ME
James S Libby m 2/1/1875 Chicago IL Ellen F Kelly
Ivie Thrasher Libby b 4/23/1883 Chicago IL dau of James S Libby b Portland ME and Ellen F Kelly b Limerick
James S Libby d 10/22/1911, Elgin State Hospital, Kane IL
Mrs Ellen F Libbey b abt 1846 Ireland d 9/5/1929 Dayton [LaSalle] IL; bur Graceland cemetery, Chicago IL
George M D Libby b 2/9/1844 Cape Elizabeth ME
Geo M D Libby s of Geo W Libby and Sarah J _____ m 1/2/1883 Caledonia WI Edline E Brown dau of Mortimer M Brown and ElizTh _____
George M D Libby s of George W Libby and Sarah Thrasher both b Portland ME d 5/28/1921 Chicago IL; bur 5/30/1921 Rose Hill Cemetery

Lydia M Adams b Caledonia dau of John Adams and Lucretia Thresher m 1/26/1886 Caledonia WI George W White b Raymond s of Henry White and Hannah Seller

Deborah Thrasher m 7/30/1856 Portland ME George S Fisher

Henry S Thrasher m 4/17/1867 Cape Elizabeth ME Emily F Gooding
Elizabeth W Thrasher dau of Henry m 7/16/1896 Portland ME Stuyvesant t b Jackson b 1861 s of Geo E B Jackson and Cornelia S Tenbroeck


1830 Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland) ME
Ebenezer Thrasher
1 female under 5
6 females 20-30
2 males 30-40
1 female 60-70

1840 Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland) ME
Ebenezer Thrasher
1 male under 5
2 females 5-10
1 female 10-15
1 female 30-40
1 male 40-50

1850 Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland) ME
Eben Thrasher    54    Farmer    800    ME
Lydia    43
Lucretia    19
Deborah    17
Eben Jr    8
Henry L    5

1860 Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland) ME
Eben Thrasher    65    Farmer    1000    143
Lydia B    52
Eben    17    Farmer
Henry L    15
Elizabeth W    12
Sarah Edwards    74

1870 Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland) ME
Thrasher Henry    26    Clerk in Produce Store    1000    __    ME
_____ Emily    19    Keeping House    ME
_____Evalina G    2    ME
_____ Lydia    62    ME

1850 Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland) ME
George W Libby    39    Trader    300    ME
Sarah J “     22    ME
James L “     7    ME
George D “     5    ME
Sarah L T “     2    ME

1860 Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland) ME
George W Libby    41    Mason    1800    250    ME
Jane S “     32    ME
George D “     15    ME
Benjamin “     10    ME
Mary E “     6    ME

1870 Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland) ME
Libby Sarah    40    200    ME
_____ Mary    16    ME
_____ Henry    6    ME
living in the household of Lucinda Thrasher

1870 Chicago (Cook) IL
Libby George M    25    Printer    ME
living in the household of Henry C Noyes

1880 Chicago (Cook) IL
Libby Jas S    38    M    Police    ME    ME    ME
_____ Ellen    30    M    Keeping House    Ireland    Ireland    Ireland
_____ Edward    3    son    S    Il    ME    Ireland

1880 Jefferson (Cook) IL
Libby George    35    M    Printer    ME    ME    ME
_____ Ella    29    M    Keeping House    VT    VT    VT
_____ Mae    25    Sister    S    at home    ME    ME    ME

1880 Chicago (Cook) IL
Libby Benjamin    30    M    works in printing office    inflammatory rheumatism    ME    ME    ME
_____ Maria    28    M    keeping house    NY    VT    VT   
_____ Frank    8    Son    S    at school    IL    ME    NY
_____ George    6    Son    S    IL    ME    NY
_____ Emma    3    daughter    S    IL    ME    NY

1880 Portland(Cumberland) ME
Libby Mary E    24    Boarder    S    Dressmaker    ME    ME    ME
living in the household of Stephen B Winchester

1900 Chicago (Cook) IL
Libby James    Nov 1842    M 25    ME    ME    ME    Policeman
_____ Francis    Oct 1845    M 25    5    3    Ireland    Ireland    Ireland    na
_____ Elinor    Daughter    Apr 1883    S    IL    ME    Ireland
2 Lodgers also in household

1900 Chicago(Cook) IL
Libby J M    Feb 1845    M 17    ME    ME    ME    job printer
_____ Adeline E    Mar 1855    M 17    3    3    VT    VT    VT
_____ Lucretia    Daughter    Nov 1883    S    IL    ME    VT
_____ Dallas M    Son    May 1885    S    IL    ME    VT    Jeweler’s apprentice
_____ Cora    Daughter    July 1887    S    IL    ME    VT    at school

1900 Lake View (Cook) IL
Libby Benjamin    Mar 1850    Wd    ME    ME    ME    Printer
_____ Frank    Son    Mar 1872    S    IL    ME    NY    Order Clerk Hardware
_____ George    Son    Aug 1874    M1    Il    ME    NY    Collector
_____ Alice    Daughter in law    Aug 1876    M1    1    1    England    England    England    1885
_____ Meredith    Grand Daughter    Jan 1900    4/12    S    IL    IL    England
_____ Benjamin    Son    Apr 1888    S    IL    ME    NY    at school

1910 Chicago (Cook) IL
Libby James S    68    M1 35    ME    ME    ME    own income
_____ Ellen F    65    M1 35    5    2    Ire    Ire    Ire    1865    none
_____ Ellen    Daughter    27    S    IL    ME    Ire    Teacher    Public School

1910 Chicago (Cook) IL
Libby George M D    65    M2 27    ME    ME    ME    Publisher    Books
_____ Adeline E    53    M1 27    3    3    VT    VT    VT    none
_____ Lucretia    Daughter    26    S    IL    ME    VT    none

1920 Chicago (Cook) IL
Libby Ellan    73    Wd    [unknown immigration]    Ireland    Ireland    Ireland    none
_____ Elinora    Daughter    36    S    IL    ME    Ireland    Teacher    Public School

1920 Chicago (Cook) IL
Libby George M    74    M    ME    ME    ME    Printer    Own bus
_____ Adeline E    63    M    VT    VT    VT    none
_____ Lucretia    Daughter    33    S    IL    ME    VT    at home
1 roomer also in household

1870 Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland) ME
Libby George W    50    Carpenter (house)    3000    300    ME

1880 Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland) ME
Libby George W    60    D    Brick Mason    ME    ME    ME

1900 South Portland (Cumberland) ME
Libby George W    Nov 1819    Wd    ME    ME    ME    Contractor and Builder

1870 Caledonia (Racine) WI
Adams Jno    45    Farmer    7200    1000    IN
_____ Lucretia    38    Keeping House    ME
_____ Lydia    7    WI
1 farm laborer also in household

1880 Caledonia (Racine) WI
Adams Lucretia    48    Farming    ME    ME    ME
_____ Lydia    17    Daughter    Keeps House    WI    IN    ME
Lulu Bell Foster    11    Adopted    at Home    WI    England    NY

1900 Mt Pleasant (Racine) WI
White George W    Aug 1858    M 14    WI    NY    England    Merchant (Hardware)
_____ Lydia    Jan 1863    M 14    3    3    WI    IN    ME
_____ Elda    Daughter    May 1895    S    WI    WI    WI
_____ Laura    Daughter    Nov 1897    S    WI    WI    WI
_____ Jannette    Daughter    Aug 1899    S    WI    WI    WI
Adams Lucretia    M in law    Dec 1830    Wd    ME    ME    ME
1 boarder also in household

1900 Portland (Cumberland) ME
Thrasher Henry S    July 1844    M 33    ME    ME    ME    Policeman
_____ Emily F    Sept 1850    M 33    2    2    MA    ME    ME
_____ Evelyn G    Daughter    Mar 1868    S    ME    ME    MA    Saleswoman dry goods

1910 Portland (cumberland) ME
Thrasher Henry S    64    M 40    ME    ME    ME    Police Officer    City of Portland
_____ Emily F    59    M 40    2    2    MA    ME    ME    none
_____ Evelyn J    Daughter    38    S    ME    MA    ME    Saleswoman    Dry Goods Store
1 lodger also in household

1920 Portland (Cumberland) ME
Thrasher Emily G    67    Wd    MA    ME    ME    none
_____ Evelyn J    Daughter    51    S    ME    ME    MA    Saleswoman    Dept Store


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