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Benjamin Stevens Edwards

Father: Mother:

Jonathan Edwards
Sarah Stevens

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

11/17/1807 Poland ME 4/12/1864 Otisfield ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Mollie G Morse
Otisfield ME Phineas Morse
Sally Edwards

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

8/6/1809 Otisfield ME 5/13/1879 Otisfield ME


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Ellen Maria Edwards 2/11/1832 Otisfield ME 9/20/1838 Otisfield ME
Francis Morse Edwards 4/4/1834 Otisfield ME 5/17/1912 Paris ME
Edward Everett Edwards 1835 Otisfield ME 9/16/1838 Otisfield ME
Alonzo Edwards 6/18/1839 Otisfield ME 12/19/1901 Norway ME
Byron Edwards 12/27/1841 Otisfield ME 3/30/1864 Otisfield ME
Aurora Edwards 11/27/1843 Otisfield ME 6/14/1914 Otisfield ME


Family located: Otisfield ME
Occupation: Shoemaker

Other Info:


1840 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Benjamin Edwards
1 male under 5
1 male 5-10
1 female 20-30
1 male 40-50

1850 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Benjamin S Edwards    43    Shoemaker    100
Molly G    43
Francis    17
Alonzo    11
Byron    8
Aurora    6

1860 Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Benjamin S Edwards    52    Shoemaker    300    200
Molly C    50    Wife
Alonzo    20    Shoemaker
Byron    18    Shoemaker
Aurora    16
Frederick A Brooks    19    Farm Laborer    Oxford

1870 The Town of Otisfield (Cumberland) ME
Mitchell Otis F    31    Farmer    500    445    ME
_____ Aurora    26    Keeping House    ME
_____ Lenora    8    At Home    ME
_____ Volora    8/12    At Home    ME    Sep
_____ Fanny    69    Keeping House    ME
Edwards Molly    59    Keeping House    ME


Benjamin Stevens Edwards, wife Molly, and sons Edward and Bryon are buried in Forrest Edwards' Cemetery, Otisfield ME.

Published History/Genealogy:

Benj. S. Edwards son of Jonathan and grandson of Wm. lived on or near the corner below Lester Jillsons. Marriage intentions  filed 10/24/1830.
Source: History of Otisfield by William Samuel Spurr; Reprinted by the Town of Otisfield, 2nd edition