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The Edwards Coat of Arms

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Richard 3
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Edwards and the Civil War
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Wesley Edwards

Father: Mother:

Jonathan Edwards
Sarah Stevens

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

8/14/1833 Poland ME 10/4/1872
Stoneham MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Mary L Wright 4/13/1855
Cambridge MA
William Wright
Sarah Larrabee

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Melrose MA
Randolph MA


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Mary E Edwards

Derry NH 5/28/1860
Amherst NH
George C Edwards
Stoneham MA
Stoneham MA
Ella M Edwards
Stoneham MA


Family located: Stoneham MA
Occupation: Shoemaker

There were no children.

Other Info:

Mary E Edwards died age 5 years, 6 months, congestion of lungs
George C died of dysentery
Wesley Edwards died of Consumption
Mary L Edwards died of Acute Gastritis; buried Central Cemetery Randolph MA
Ella M Edwards m 10/25/1890 Randolph MA Horace Francis Libby b 8/30/1867 Boston MA s of Horace B Libby and Mary E Stevens
male Libby 1/24/1891 stillborn
Rena M Libby b 7/17/1895
Ruth E Libby b 6/20/1897 d 6/15/1899 convulsions, peritonitis, buried Central Cemetery Randolph
Grace L Libby b 10/1/1899
May E Libby b 5/15/1901
Alice M Libby b 3/2/1905
female Libby b 12/17/1911


1860 Stoneham (Middlesex) MA
Wesley Edwards    25    Cordwainer    0    50
Mary L    20    Housewife    MA

1870 Stoneham (Middlesex) MA
Edwards Wesley    36    works in Shoe Factory    __    600    ME
_____ Mary L    31    keeping house    MA

1880 Stoneham (Middlesex) MA
Wright William    71    Shoemaker    MA    MA    MA
_____ Sarah    63    Wife    Keeping house    MA    MA    MA
Edwards Mary L    41    Daughter    Widowed    at home    MA    MA    MA
_____ Ella    7    Grand Daughter    MA    ME    MA

1900 Randolph (Norfolk) MA
Edwards Mary L    Jan     Wd    4    1    MA    MA    MA
2 boarders also in household

1900 Randolph (Norfolk) MA
Libby Horace F    Aug 1867    M 10    MA    ME    MA    house carpenter
_____ Ella    Aug 1872    M 10    4    2    MA    ME    MA
_____ Rena M    Daughter    July 1895    MA    MA    MA
_____ Grace L    Daughter    Oct 1899    MA    MA    MA

1910 Randolph (Norfolk) MA
Libby Horace F    41    M1 18    MA    ME    MA    Carpenter    house
_____ Ella E    36    M1    18    6    3    MA    ME    MA
_____ Rena M    Daughter    14    MA    MA    MA    Stitcher    shoe shop
_____ Grace L    Daughter    10    MA    MA    MA
_____ Alice M    Daughter    5    MA    MA    MA