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Julia Ann Edwards

Father: Mother:

Richard Edwards
Dorcas Brown

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

2/14/1816 Casco Me 10/6/1889
Stratford NH


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
William Mayberry

Benjamin Mayberry Lois Buzzell

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

3/27/1819 Casco ME 12/17/1893
Stratford NH


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Elias B Mayberry 8/5/1837 Raymond ME
Benjamin FMayberry 1/28/1839
Raymond ME
Brunswick VT
William Mayberry 5/18/1842
Casco ME

Mary Alice Mayberry
Casco ME
Stratford NH
Lois Mayberry
Casco ME

Humphrey Mayberry
Casco ME
1/20/1876 Stratford NH
Dorcas Ann Mayberry
Casco ME
Stratford NH
Elias Mayberry
Casco ME

Eunice Mabury

Casco ME


Family located: N. Stratford NH; Upton ME
Occupation: Farmer

Other Info:

Julia Ann Mabury died of apoplexy
William Mabury died of albuminnian
Mary Mabury single died of bulbar paralysis dob given as 7/18/1839

Humphrey Mabury  died of pneumonia

Elias Mabury m 2/1/1878 Stratford NH Elsie Stone 26 b Stratford NH
Almon B Mayberry d 5/30/1923 Lancaster intestinal gangrene[peritonitis] m 2/10/1900 Colebrook NH Ada B Willey 17 b colebrook NH
Eugene S Mayberry b 2/14/1878 North Stratford NH d 8/18/1927 Northumberland NH carcinoma of stomach m 3/26/1904 Stratford NH Josie Willey 20 dau of Frank Willey and Everlina Howe
Perley Max Mayberry b 11/19/1898 Colebrook NH; m 1/19/1920 Groveton NH Alice Merriam 17 student b Stratford NH; son Francis Harold Mayberry 8/3/1920 Stratford NH d 12/27/1920 Stratford NH bronchitis
Florence Mayberry b 2/22/1896 West Stewartstown NH m 11/2/1912 Stratford NH Ernest Bourassa 23 b St Lambert PQ
male Mabury b 1/31/1887 stillborn
Sarah Cassie Mabury b 3/21/1883 East Stratford NH [4]
Cassia Mabury 1 yr 2 mo d 5/18/1886 Stratford NH cerebro spinal meningitis
Clarence Mabury 4 yr 6 mo d 5/22/1886 Stratford NH pneumonia
Infant mayberry ch of Ethel Mayberry b d 3/18/1908 Northumberland NH
Ethel Mayberry m 1/18/1911 Colebrook NH Rodney S Fuller 21 b Bloomfield VT
Jessie C Mabury 1 yr 6 mo b Stratford d 7/31/1888 Stratford NH hydrocephalus
Infant Mabury b 8/31/1900 Colebrook NH d 11/15/1900 Stratford marasmus

Benjamin F Mayberry m 10/6/1867 Canaan VT Susan Covell, 18 of Canaan VT
Benjamin Mayberry died of cerebral hemorrhage

Susan Mayberry b 11/7/1849 Colebrook NH dau of Timothy Covell and Abiatha Cogswell d 9/6/1901 NH suicide
ch Benjamin and Susan
male Maberry b 1/28/1882 Stewartstown NH
Annie Marguerite B[ell] Mayberry b 5/5/1893 Canaan VT  d 9/24/1926 Lancaster NH acute nephritis dau of Frank Bell Jr and Mary Currier
James H Mayberry 41 farmer m  12/8/1918 N  Stratford NH  Annie M Bell 25 b Canaan VT both residents of Canaan

Blanche Laura Mayberry m 7/2/1921 Groton NH James Francis Holloran 36 engineer b Roxbury MA

Dorcas Ann Mabury of Maidstone VT m 9/8/1871 Stratford NH William Stone b Stratford NH
Dorcus Stone died of cerebral eff???
Mary A Stone 16 m 11/26/1896 Stratford NH Archie A Schoff 19 farmer b Stratford NH
William Stone 2 y 1 m d 9/19/1874 Stratford NH convulsions
Anna Stone 5 y 7 m d 12/1/1880 Stratford NH pneumonia
male Stone b 9/12/1884 East Stratford NH
Harvey Stone 6 y 5 m d 3/15/1890 Stratford NH typhoid fever
Chloe Stone b 4/6/1892 Stratford NH [corrected birth certificate 10/16/1954]
Charles Stone d 7/19/1947 Concord NH age 73

Jennie Mayberry b Clarksville NH m 1/13/1894 Stewartstown NH James O'Mara s of Patrick O'Mara and Johanna Gippin
May O'Mara b 11/20/1899 Bloomfield VT
Grace Hannah OMara b 5/10/1902 Bloomfield VT
[male] O'Mara b 10/28/1905 Bloomfield VT, her 5th child
[male] O'Mara b 11/10/1906 Bloomfield VT stillborn, her 6th child

Eunice Mabury 19 m 2/8/1876 Stratford NH Frederick A Blodgett 19 b Stratford NH
[male] Blodgett b 6/4/1886 Stratford NH 4th child
[female] Blodgett b 9/18/1894 Landaff NH 4th child
Pearl B Blodgett 24 Lisbon NH m 10/7/1918 Lisbon NH Albert W Tolman Cambridge MA 24 banker b Rockport ME
Earnest Blodgett 19 Lisbon NH m 12/14/1901 Lisbon NH Grace Maud Lanty 17 Lisbon NH b Lyman NH
Ernest Blodgett d 11/10/1918 Lyman NH Endocarditis [contributing cause pneumonia] b 3/14/1882 Stratford NH

Jesse Maybury 8 mo d 9/14/1893 Stewartstown NH diarrhoea bur Stewartstown NH

Mary S Shackleton 7 m 14 days d 3/11/1897 Stewartstown NH  cholery infantum b Canaan VT bur Canaan VT dau of John Shackleton b England and Norah Mayberry
John Shackleton
b Brunswick VT m 8/18/1923 Colebrook NH Alice M Hawes b Canaan VT; dau Ivalee Shackleton m William Mallory Humphreys
Nora L [Mayberry] Shackleton m 6/26/1906 Canaan Francis Covell s of Timothy Covell and Martha Forrest
Hilda Alice Covell b 12/22/1906 Canaan VT
Hildred Frances Covell b 12/22/1906 Canaan VT [corrected birth certificate 1942 Coos]
Hildred Frances Covell Dalton NH 32 teacher m int Norman Floyd Hackett Lancaster NH 29 Railway Express b Lancaster NH
Ruth Helena Coville b 7/25/1908 Canaan VT d 1/1913/1920 Colebrook NH peritonitis
Desmond L Covell 26 painter b Colebrook NH m 11/22/1927 Berlin NH Nora E Gullison  31 b Berlin NH
Harland Benjamin Covell 34 d 2/28/1947 Pittsburg NH

Louis Mabury m 3/30/1871 Colebrook NH Bowman Spencer 29 lumberman b Bradley ME s of Matthew Spencer and Jane ___ his second marriage;
[male] Spencer b 6/6/1878 Stratford NH
1900, 1910 Milford ME

Elisha Brown Mayberry b 5/23/1852 Casco ME s of William Mayberry and Julia Edwards d 10/17/1928 Bloomfield VT; mitral stenosis


1840 Raymond (Cumberland) ME
Wm Mayberry Jr
2 males under 5
1 female 15-20
1 male 20-30

1850 Casco (Cumberland) ME
William Mayberry    31    Farmer    150
Julia A    32
Benjamin F    11
William L    8
Mary A    6
Lois    5
Humphrey    3
Dorcas A    1

1860 Maidstone (Essex) VT
William Maybry    41    farmer    ME
Julia A “ 46    ME
Benj F    21    Laborer    ME
William P “ 18    Laborer    ME
Mary A “     15    ME
Louis “     14    [female]    ME
Humphy “     13    ME
Darcas A “     11    ME
Elias “     ME
Francis C “     4    ME
Eunice “     2    ME

1870 Maidstone (Essex) VT
Mabery Wm    46    Farm Laborer    ME
_____ Clara    49    Keeping House    ME
_____ Mary    24    ME    cannot read or write
_____ Humphrey    22    ME    cannot read or write    Idiotic
_____ Dorcas    20    ME    cannot read or write
_____ Elias    18    Farm Laborer    ME    cannot read or write
_____ Ellen    16    ME    cannot read or write
_____ Unis    13    ME    cannot read or write

1870 Canaan (Essex) VT
Mabry Benj    28    Farm Laborer    ME
_____ Susan    20    Keeping House    NH
_____ Ella    10/12    VT    Aug

1880 Stratford (Coos) NH
Mabry William    57    Laborer    ME    ME    ME
_____ Julia A    60    Keeping house    cannot read or write    ME    ME    ME
_____ Mary E    24    Daughter    at home    ..otherwise disabled    cannot read or write    ME    ME    ME
next dwelling
Stone Dorcas A    31    M    Keeping house    cannot read or write    ME    ME    ME
_____ Charles D    6    Son    NH    NH    ME
_____ Elisa A    4    Daughter    NH    NH    ME
_____ William J    1    Son    NH    NH    ME
next dwelling
Mabry    Elias B    26    work on RR    cannot read or write    ME    ME    ME
_____ Elsie    21    Keeping house    NH    NH    NH
_____ Eugine    3    Son    NH    ME    NH
_____ Alma B    1    Daughter    NH    ME    NH

1880 Stewartstown (Coos) NH
Mabery Benjamin F    37    Farmer    ME    ME    ME
_____ Susan    30    Keeping House    NH    NH    ME
_____ Jennie L    7    Daughter    NH    ME    NH
_____ Nora L    6    Daughter    NH    ME    NH
_____ James H    3    Son    NH    ME    NH
_____ Janie G    6/12 Dec    Daughter    NH    ME    NH

1900 Colebrook (Coos) NH
Mabery Elias    May 1852    M 24    ME    ME    ME    Sectionman (RR)
_____ Elsie    May 1860    M 24    9    6    NH    NH    NH
_____ Ethel    Daughter    Feb 1889    S    NH    ME    NH    At School
_____ Blanche    Daughter    Nov 1882    S    NH    ME    NH
_____ Florence    Daughter    Feb 1896    S    NH    ME    NH
_____ Perley    Son    Nov 1898    S    NH    ME    NH
same dwelling, different household
_____ Benjamin F    Jan 1842 M 33    ME    ME    ME    Day Laborer
_____ Frank    Son    Dec 1878    S    NH    ME    NH
_____ Herbert    Son    Jan 1883    S    NH    ME    NH    Day Laborer
_____ Wallis    Son    June 1886    S    NH    ME    NH
Shackleton Nora    Daughter    Feb 1875    Wd    2    1    NH    ME    NH    Housekeeper
_____ John    Grandson    June 1898    1    S    VT    England    NH

1900 Stratford (Coos) ME
Mayberry Almon    Nov 1878    M 0    NH    ME    NH    Day laborer
_____ Ada B    Aug 1882    M 0    0    0    NH    NH    NH
Willett Lucy    sister in law    Jan 1886    S    NH    NH    NH    servant

1900 Stratford (Coos) NH
Stone Charles    May 1874    S    NH    NH    ME    Farmer
_____ William    Father    Fby 1850    29    NH    NH    NH    Teamster
_____ Dorcas    Mother    July 1846    29    7    4    ME    ME    ME
_____ Willie    Brother    Jany 1879    S    NH    NH    ME    Lath Saw in Saw Mill
_____ Chloe    Sister    Apr    1892    S    NH    NH    ME    at school

1900 Colebrook (Coos) NH
Mayberry Mary    Servant    June 1844    ME    ME    ME
living in the home of R__ Harriman

1900 Stratford (Coos) NH
Mayberry Eugene    Boarder    Feby 1876    S    NH    ME    NH    Roller (Saw mill)
living in the household of David Stone

1900 Milford (Penobscot) ME
Spencer Bowman    May 1841    M 29    ME    ME    ME    Farmer
_____ Lois    Aug 1846    M 29    6    4    ME    ME    ME
_____ Ansil    son    Mar 1865    S    ME    ME    ME    common laborer
_____ George    son    June 1876    S    NH    ME    ME    common laborer
_____ Charles    son    June 1878    S    NH    ME    ME    common laborer
_____ Gertrude    daughter    Apr 1889    S    ME    ME    ME    at school
_____ Lafeyett    brother    Apr 1843    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Brown Harry    son in law    Feby 1879    M    ME    ME    ME    weaver
_____ Anna J    daughter    Mar 1880    M    ME    ME    ME
Spencer Henry    brother    Sept 1820    Wd    ME    ME    ME

1910 Stratford (Coos) NH
Stone Charles I    36    S    NH    NH    ME    Farmer    Hay and garden
_____ Augusta    Sister    18    S    NH    NH    ME    none
_____ William J    Brother    33    S    NH    NH    ME    Mill Hand    Saw Mill
_____ William M    Father    59    NH    NH    NH
_____ Dorcas    Mother    60    36    7    4    ME    ME    ME

1910 Stratford (Coos) NH
Mayberry Allie    31    10    NH    ME    NH    Laborer    Odd jobs
_____ Ada    27    10    0    NH    NH    NH    none
same dwelling different household
_____ Elias    58    34    ME    ME    ME    Section Hand    G T Railroad
_____ Elsie    50    34    10    6    NH    NH    NH    washerwoman    takes in washing
_____ Eugene    Son    33    D    NH    ME    NH    Laborer    Odd jobs
_____ Florence    Daughter    14    S    NH    ME    NH    none
_____ Perley    Son    11    S    NH    ME    NH    none

1910 Milford (Penobscot) ME
Spencer Bowman    67    M2    38    ME    ME    ME    dam builder    river
_____ Lois    63    M2    38    6    3    ME    ME    ME
Kelly Gertrude    daughter    20    M1    3    ME    ME    ME    boarder
_____ Asa    son in law    29    M1    3    ME    ME    ME    laborer    saw mill
Spencer George    son    25    S    NH    ME    ME    farmer    general farm

Spencer Charles    36    M1    9    NH    ME    ME    laborer    saw mill
_____ Rose    24    M1    9    4    4    ME    Canada    ME
_____ Cora    daughter    7    S    ME    NH    ME
_____ Mamie    daughter    6    S    ME    NH    ME
_____ Alice    daughter    4    S    ME    NH    ME
_____ Movine    daughter    2    S    ME    NH    ME

Spencer Ancel    44    M1    2    ME    ME    ME    truckman
_____ Etta M    40    M2    2    3    3    IA    ME    ME
Williamson Earl    stepson    16    ME    ME    IA    laborer    saw mill
_____ Raymond L    stepson    10    ME    ME    IA

1920 ___ (Coos) NH
Mayberry Willie    Hired Man    NH    US    ME    Laborer    on Farm
living in the home of Edward Roby

1920 ___ (Coos) NH
Mayberry Alan B    41    NH    ME    NH    Board Sawyer    Mill
_____ Ada    37    NH    NH    NH    none
Fuller Carolina    Niece    VT    VT    NH    none
Mayberry Eugene    Brother    42    M    NH    ME    NH    Laborer    Farm

1930 Northumberland (Coos) NH
Mayberry Perley    31    M 21    NH    NH    NH    Mach Tender    Paper Mill
_____ Alice    26    M 16    NH    NH    ME    none
_____ Raymond    Son    7    S    NH    NH    NH    none
_____ Edna    Daughter    4    S    NH    NH    NH    none
_____ Patricia    Daughter    1 4/12    S    NH    NH    NH    none


Elious Mayberry is buried in Forrest Edwards' Cemetery, Otisfield ME.