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Letters from Henry


 Lincoln Sept 26 1875


Dear wife

I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines and tell you that i am alive and hearty and all right and hope this will find you the same.

they tell me that i am going to die but they lie like Hell i have wrote two letters to waldoboro and this makes two that i have sent to lewiston and i have not heard a single word from you since i left Lewiston and it looks dam funny to me


but i am growing fat all the same i suppose Mr. Doe is at home is the reason why or perhaps you haint go no paper and stamps write and let me know and if it is paper and stamps you want i will send you some

what did they say at lewiston when they found out that i had gone write and tell me all about it i want you to send me the lewiston Journal and the Satarday Journal story paper both every week that is if you think enough of me to do it and i gess you do i was with in 4 miles of whare the Fox girls live but i did not dare to go thare for if i did Tom palmer would have found out whare i was


how does Sade and Hat get along and how is Ellas health this fall tell Sade to write to me and send me something to read for i cant get no papers here verry well and there is no whare to go to spend the evening nor no letters to read and it makes me feel kind of blue some time i cant think of nothing to write to day but after i get a letter from you perhaps i can think of some thing then

write all the news you can think of and every thing else

it sunday to day and george and i went fishing this fore noon and it rained like Hell but we got all we could carry


Emma i want you to be good and behave your self and remember that you have got a husband down east that loves your dearer than he does his hearts blood good by darling for this time and god bless you

from your faithful husband


C. H. Edwards



C. H. S


dont forget to send the papers