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The tradition that John Edwards brought to America two articles upon which was delineated the coat of arms of the family appears to exist only among the descendants of his grandson, John 3rd., three of whose great-grandchildren have claimed a knowledge of the existence of same through their immediate Edwards ancestors. Mention has already been made (page 7) of the claim of David Edwards in this connection. A further statement to the effect that his sister Melinda had possession of same is mentioned on page 22.

In personal and independent conversations with the author (1906) Jeremiah Washington Bennett and his sister, Frances Salinda Bennett, claimed a similar knowledge through their mother. The former stated that the family "arms" was a "reindeer" and the family emblem was a "lion." The latter had no knowledge of any other symbol than the lion being mentioned by her mother.

The coat of arms and crest here given have been selected as most nearly fulfilling the unheraldic descriptions mentioned above. The Welsh motto "Heb Dduw heb ddin Duw a digon" is translated "Everything with God, nothing without God." It is hoped that at some future date the origin of the family as well as the coat of arms will be unquestionably determined.

The coloring of the coat of arms is as follows: The upper third portion or "chief" of the shield is in silver, the remainder of the shield in black, the body of the stag in gold with the horns and hoofs in silver. The three falcons, the palm branches, and also the lion's head forming the crest are in their natural colors.