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This chart shows a "best guess" for the relationship between Elizabeth, and Lydia Crockett. For an alternative relationship, look at this chart.* You could add several other scenarios, since most of the sons of Thomas Crockett named one of their daughters Elizabeth, and the name continued to be popular throughout subsequent generations.

I prefer the one above for several reasons:

It is favored (but not proven) by Charles Candage**

The Elizabeth mentioned above had brothers named Richard, William, and Samuel - names which she chose for 3 of her sons.

Both Richard and Samuel Crockett, lived at some time in Gorham, Me; Samuel died there.

Her son Richard "when a boy, accompanied an uncle, probably a brother to his mother, to Gorham, Me." (LNE)

Look at this chart for another Crockett connection.

The part of the above chart in gray shows my line - yet another Crockett connection!

*See this portion of The Descendants of Jasper Blake for more information.
**Crockett genealogy, 1610-1988 : some descendants of Thomas and Ann Crockett of Kittery, Maine by Charles Samuel Candage