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Chapter 1
The Edwards Coat of Arms

Family Records:
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The Crockett Connection
Edwards and the Civil War
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This Old House
Justin Edwards had a Farm
Letters from Henry

Persis Lombard Edwards

Father: Mother:

James Edwards
Alcemina Frisbie

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

12/26/1816 Bristol NH 12/1896 Lowell MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
James Priestley Burnham 10/24/1844 Houlton ME William Henry Burnham Ann Copp

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

2/26/1820 Sagville NB
6/17/1905 Everett MA


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
William Henry Burnham 7/30/1845 Houlton ME 6/30/1908 Lawrence MA
Anna Persis Burnham 1/19/1850

James Edwards Burnham 2/9/1852


Family located: Lawrence MA
Occupation: Grocer

William Henry Burnham was a soldier in the Civil War.

Other Info:

William H Burnham, roll coverer b Houlton ME m 6/10/1869 Lawrence MA Addie E Bates 23 dau of Augustus R Bates and Eliza A
Letitia A Burnham b 5/23/1872 Maynard MA
Lillian G Burnham b 3/5/1876 Lawrence MA d 9/15/1966 Hathorne MA
James E Burnham died of dysentery
Annie P Burnham m 7/21/1872 Lawrence MA Geo C Whitney s of Phinias Whitney and Amanda _____
Persis Edwards Burnham died of gastroenteritis
James P Burnham died of pneumonia
William H Burnham died of apoplexy with paralysis, bur Bellevue Cemetery Lawrence MA


1850 Andover (Essex) MA
James P Burnham    31    Trader    New Brunswick
Persis L “     33    NH
William H “ 4    ME
Anna P “     6/12    MA
Miss Warren    18    ME

1860 5th Ward Lawrence City (Essex) MA
James P Burnham    40    Undertaker    1800    300    N Brunswick
Pircis    43    House Keeper    NH
William A    15    ME
Annie P    MA

1865 Lawrence (Essex) MA
James P Burnham    45    NB    Clerk
Persis L Burnham    48    NH
William H Burnham    19    ME    oper
Anna Burnham    15    MA

1870 Lawrence Ward 4 (Essex) MA
Burnham James P    50 works on RR    15000    900    New Brunswick
_____ Persis    53    Keeping House    NH
_____ Annah H    20    Milliner    MA
Chase Anna    20    Weaver    ME

1880 Lawrence (Essex) MA
Burnham James P    60    Grocer    NB    NB    NB
_____ Persis    63    wife    Keeps house    NH    ME    ME

1900 Lawrence City (Essex) MA
Burnham James P    Boarder    Feb 1820    Wd    ME    ME    ME    no occupation
living in the home of Emma Beck


1870 Lawrence Ward 5 (Essex) MA
Burnham William H    25    Roll Coverer    ME    June
_____ Addie    24    Keeping House    MA    June
living in the home of Lyman Flanders

 1880 Lawrence (Essex) MA
Burnham William H    35    M    Roll Coverer    NB    NB    NB
_____ Addie E    34    M    Keeps house    MA    MA    MA
_____ Letitia    8    Daught    at school    MA    NB    MA
_____ Lillian G    4    Daught    MA    NB    MA
_____ Leona D    2    Daught    MA    NB    MA

1900 Lawrence city    (Essex) MA
Burnham William H    Lodger    July 1845    M    31    ME    Canada    NH    Insurance agent
living in the home of _____

1900 Cambridge (Middlesex) MA
Burnham Addie E    Jan 1846    Wd    2    2    MA    MA    MA
_____ Lillian G    Daughter    Mar 1877    S    MA    MA    MA    wire worker
_____ Leona D    Daughter    Apr 1878    S    MA    MA    MA    paper box maker
2 boarders also in household

1910 Cambridge (Middlesex) MA
260 Green Street
Burnham Lillian G    62    Wd    3    3    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ Leona    Daughter    30    S    MA    ME    MA    Cashier    Market
_____ Addie E    Daughter    28    S    MA    ME    MA    Operative    Electric Works

1920 Cambridge (Middlesex) MA
Burnham Addie    74    wd    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ Lillian    Daughter    43    S    MA    ME    MA    none
_____ Leona    Daughter    41    S    MA    ME    MA    cashier    meat market


1880 Lawrence (Essex) MA
Whitney George C    30    M    Paper Hanger    ME    ME    ME
_____ Anna    30    M    Keeping House    MA    Canada    NH
_____ Letuna    6    Daughter    at school    MA    ME    MA
_____ Herbert G    2    Son    MA    ME    MA

 1900 Lowell (Middlesex) MA
Whitney George C    Apr 1850    M 29    ME    ME    ME    Decorator Paper Hanger
_____ Anna P    Jan 1850    M 29    4    4    MA    ME    VT
_____ Herbert C D    Son    Mar 1878    S    MA    ME    MA    Clerk Wall Pap Store
_____ Leola A    Daughter    Dec 1882    S    MA    ME    MA
_____ Clarence E L    Son    June 1887    S    MA    ME    MA    at school

1910 Merrimac (Essex) MA
Whitney George C    60    M 36    ME    ME    ME    Decorator    Houses
_____ Anna P    60    M 36    4    4    MA    ME    NH    none
_____ Clarence E    Son    23    M1 1    MA    ME    MA    brass foundry
1 boarder also in household

1920 Merrimac (Essex) MA
Whitney Anna C    69    Wd    MA    ME    NH    none
_____ Clarence E O    Son    34    M    MA    ME    MA    Assembler    Automobile fac