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The Edwards Coat of Arms

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Richard 3
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Edwards and the Civil War
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Sarah T Edwards

Father: Mother:

Samuel S Edwards
Hannah Thompson

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Liberty ME
Woburn MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
James Kendall
Woburn MA
William Kendall
Ruth _____

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Burlington MA
Woburn MA


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Sarah Emeline Kendall
8/12/1837 Woburn MA

James Edwards Kendall
Woburn MA
Woburn MA
Nehemiah Smith Kendall
Woburn MA

George Edward Kendall
Woburn MA

Eliza Ann Thompson Kendall
Woburn MA


Other Info:

James E Kendall d of dropsey
James Kendall d heart disease age 65 10 19; cordwainer
Sarah T Edwards d heart disease
Sarah Emeline Kendall m 2/17/1866 Woburn MA George H Sprague age 37 b Boston s of Joseph and Lydia
George Edward Kendall b 7/10/1846 Woburn MA [Woburn 1900 census spouse Mary E]
Abigail [Pond] Kendall d 12/6/1897 Natick MA age 65 7 17 Heart Disease bur Dell Park Cemetery; b Belfast ME dau of Benjamin Pond and Eliza _____; husband's name Geo E Kendall
Eliza Ann Thompson Kendall m 4/5/1905 Boston MA Milton J Putney widowed age 74 b Troy NH s of Joseph M Putney and Mary Winch


1850 Woburn (Middlesex) MA
James Kendall    44    Shoemaker    MA
Sarah T    41    ME
Sarah E    13    MA
Leander T    7    MA
George E    4    MA
Davenport Tuck    28    Shoemaker    MA
John Pierce    21    Shoemaker    Ireland

1855 Mass State Census
James Kendall    49    Shoemaker    MA
Sarah Kendall    44    ME
Sarah E Kendall    18    MA
Leander T Kendall    12    MA
George O Kendall    9    MA
Eliza A T Kendall    4    MA

1860 Groton (Middlesex) MA
James Kendall    54    Farmer    2000    600    MA
Sarah T “     51    ME
Sarah E “     22    MA
Leander L “     17    Farm LaborerMA
George “     14    MA
Eliza Ann “     9    MA

1865 Mass State Census [Woburn]
Kendall James    59    Cordwainer
Kendall Sarah T    56
Kendall Sarah E    28
Kendall George E    19    Farmer
Kendall Eliza a T    14

[mostly illeg] 1870 Woburn (Middlesex) MA
James Kendall    64
Sarah T Kendall    61
Eliza A Kendall    19
George E Kendall    24
Sarah E Sprague    33

1880 Woburn (Middlesex) MA
Sprague Emiline    43    M    Housekeeper    MA    MA    ME
Kendall John    74    uncle    Wd    shoemaker    MA    MA    MA
_____ Eliza    28    sister    at home    MA    MA    ME

1880 Wakefield (Middlesex) MA
Geo E Kendall    33    MA    MA    MA    Sewing Mchs Agt
Abbie A Kendall    20
living in the household of Luther S Prescott

1900 Woburn (Middlesex) MA
Kendall George E    July 1846    M 8    MA    MA    MA    sewing machine repair
_____ Mary E    June 1857    M 8    ME    ME    ME

1910 Burlington (Middlesex) MA
Kendell George E    63    M2    18    ME    ME    ME    salesman    sewing machine
_____ Mary E    53    M1    18    0    0    ME    ME    ME    none

1920 Burlington (Middlesex) MA
Kendall George E    73    M    MA    MA    ME    repairer    Sewing Machine
_____ Mary E    56    M    ME    ME    ME    none

1910 Medford (Middlesex) MA
Putney Milton    80    M2 5    NH    NH    NH    Trucking ___
_____ Eliza    58    M1 5    MA    MA    ME    none

1920 Worcester (Worcester) MA
Odd Fellows Home
Putney Milton    89    M    NH    NH    NH
_____ Eliza K    68    M    MA    MA    ME

1930 Worcester (Worcester) MA
Odd Fellows Home of Massachusetts
Randolph Road
Putney Eliza K    Inmate    79    Wd    MA    MA    ME    none