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George Sylvester Fogg

Father: Mother:

Sylvester Fogg Dorcas Merrill Edwards

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Industry ME
Beverly MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Louisa T Pierce 12/11/1870 Manchester MA Nicholas Pierce Sally Preston

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

5/18/1842 Beverly MA 7/3/1882 Beverly MA
Name:Marriage Date:Marriage Location:Father:Mother:
Annie Maria Baker Mansfield 3/20/1900 Salem MA Paul Baker Maria Fimbey

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:



Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
George Herbert Fogg
Beverly MA

Charles Warren Fogg 5/23/1879 Beverly MA

Louisa Grace Fogg 6/20/1882 Beverly MA

Other Info:

Louisa T Pierce d anoemia
George S Fogg d of cerebral hemorrhage, bur Beverly Farms

George Hubert Fogg m 1/2/1900 Beverly MA Nellie Munroe 30 tip stitcher of Beverly b Beverly dau of William Munroe and Abbie A Phippen

Charles Warren Fogg 24 gardener m 1/27/1904 Beverly MA Ella Sarah Little 22 of Salem b Portland ME dau of Andrew Little and Jane Johnston

Louise P Fogg 24 clerk m 8/2/1906 Beverly MA George G Symonds Jr 23 of Salem chemist b 3/11/1883 Salem MA s of George G Symonds and Catherine F Goldsmith
Catherine Louise Symonds b 6/28/1915 Lynn MA
Louise P Symonds d 12/26/1916 Boston MA [Mass Gen Hospital] gen peritonitis (ac appendicitis) cardiac failure; bur Beverly; mother's name given as Julia Prince


1870 Beverly (Essex) MA
Fogg George    24    Farm Laborer    MA
living in the household of Wm Paine

1880 Beverly (Essex) MA
Fogg George S    36    Farm Laborer    ME    ME    ME
_____ Louisa I    37    Wife    Keeping House    MA    MA    MA
_____ George A    3    Son    MA    ME    MA
_____ Charles W    1    Son    MA    ME    MA

1900 Beverly (Essex) MA
Fogg George S    June 1844    M 0    ME    ME    ME    Garden Laborer
_____ Annie    Aug 1845    M 0    6    3    MA    MA    MA
_____ Charles W    Son    May 1879    S    MA    ME    MA    Plumber Helper
_____ Louise P    Daughter    June 1883    S    MA    ME    MA

1900 Beverly (Essex) MA
Fogg George H    June 1876 M 1    MA    MA    ME    Carpenter
_____ Nellie    Feb 1869    M 1    0    0    MA    MA    MA

1910 Beverly (Essex) MA
Fogg Geo S    66    M2    10    ME    ME    ME    Gardener    Summer Resident
_____ Annie M    66    M1    10    3    3    MA    MA    MA    none
Mansfield Willard    Son    43    M    MA    MA    MA    Packer    China
_____ Annie    Daughter    40    S    MA    MA    MA    none
Fogg George L    Daughter    33    M 6    MA    MA    MA    Gardener    Summer Resident

1910 Portland (Multnomah) OR
Symonds George    Roomer    27    M1 4    MA    MA    MA    Chemist    Iron and Steel
_____ Louise    Roomer    27    M1    4    NA    ME    MA    Asst Chemist    Photographers Studio

1910 Beverly (Essex) MA
Fogg George H    33    M1 10    MA    ME    MA    Carpenter    House
_____ Nellie    41    M1 10    0    0    MA    MA    MA    none
1 lodger also in household

1920 Beverly (Essex) MA
Fogg Charles W    39    M    MA    ME    MA    Chauffeur    Private Family
_____ Ella S    36    M    ME    ME    ME    none

1920 Beverly (Essex) MA
Fogg Geo Herbert    43    M    MA    ME    MA    Carpenter    House
_____ Nellie    50    M    MA    MA    MA    none
1 boarder also in household