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Melissa Ann Edwards

Father: Mother:

Robert Knight Edwards
Lucy Ann Brooks

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

4/6/1844 Oxford ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Otis Myron Farmer 10/27/1867
Charles Farmer Phebe Staples

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

9/7/1846 Middleboro MA 1/8/ 1905 Lakeville MA


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Charles Otis Farmer 6/22/1869 Lakeville MA

Alura May Farmer 3/26/1875 Lakeville MA 10/28/1875 Lakeville MA
Lulie May Farmer 7/13/1880 Lakeville MA 6/15/1881 Lakeville MA


Family located: Lakeville MA
Occuption: Cooper

Otis M. Farmer was enrolled in Mass. Vol. Militia to serve 100 days, Civil War; and was discharged Nov. 25, 1864.

Other Info:


1870 Lakeville (Plymouth) MA
Farmer Charles    52    Cooper    1000    750    MA
_____ Phebe S    54    Keeping House    MA
_____ Otis M    20    Cooper    MA
_____ Melissa A    26    no occupation    ME
_____ Charles O    1    MA

1880 Lakeville (Plymouth) MA
Farmer Charles    62    Wd    Basket Maker    MA    MA    MA
_____ Otis M    32    Son    M    Basket Maker    MA    MA    MA
_____ Melissa A    36    Daughter in law    M    Keeping House    ME    ME    ME
_____ Charles O    11    Grandson    S    MA    MA    ME
_____ Allura M    11/12    July    Granddaughter    S    MA    MA    ME
Edwards Lucy A    54    Boarder    Wd    Boarder    ME    ME    ME

1900 Lakeville (Plymouth) MA
Farmer Otis M    Sept 1846    M 32    MA    MA    MA    Basket Maker
_____ Melissa    Apr 1844    M 32    3    1    ME    ME    ME
_____ Charles O    Son    June 1869    S    MA    MA    ME    Basket Maker

1910 Lakeville (Plymouth) MA
Farmer Melissa A    66    Wd    1    1    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Charles O    40    S    MA    MA    ME    Matcher    Saw Mill

1920 Berkley (Bristol) MA
Farmer Melissa    75    Wd    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Charles O    son    50    S    MA    MA    ME    Farmer    Poultry Farm
Olsson Eric G    Manager    45    S    Sweden    Sweden    Sweden    Manager    Poultry Farm