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The Edwards Coat of Arms

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The Crockett Connection
Edwards and the Civil War
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Justin Edwards had a Farm
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Mary Ellen Edwards

Father: Mother:

John Edwards
Betsy Danforth Page

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Laconia NH


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
George E Smith 3/12/1881
Laconia NH
George Smith Rachael _____

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Compton NH
Boston MA


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:


Family located: Laconia NH
Occupation: Teamster

Other Info:

Mary E Edwards 25, George E Smith, Farmer, 24, at time of marriage

Mary Esther Rowell d 9/29/1925 M P Gen Hospital Concord NH, retropharyngeal abscess, b 1/5/1855 Laconia dau of John Edwards and Betsy Page


1900 Hinsdale (Cheshire) NH
Smith George    Dec 45    M 33    NH    NH    VT    Shearer w mill
_____ Mary    Aug 1848    M 33    5    5
_____ John H    Son    Nov 1869    S    NH    NH    NH    Clerk Grocery Store
_____ Guy N    Son    Apr    1875    S    NH    NH    NH    Driver B__ Cart
_____ Mattie L    Daughter    Nov 1878    S    NH    NH    NH    Burler w mill
_____ Ada M    Daughter    Dec 1881    S    NH    NH    NH    Housework
_____ George M    Son    Dec 1890    S    NH    NH    NH    at School

1910 Hinsdale (Cheshire) NH
Smith George H    65    42    NH    VT    VT    Dyer    Woolen Mill
_____ Mary C    61    42    5    5    NH    NH    NH    none
_____ John H    Son    41    S    NH    NH    NH    Laborer    Woolen Mill
_____ G Milan    Son    19    S    NH    NH    NH    Laborer    Woolen Mill

1920 Hinsdale (Cheshire) NH
Smith George    75    Wd    NH    VT    VT    none
_____ John H    Son    51    S    NH    VT    NH    Spinner    Mill

1930 Hinsdale (Cheshire) NH
Laffond Fred A    52    M 23    MA    Canada    Canada    Perforator Mach    Paper Mill
_____ Mattie L    51    M 23    NH    NH    NH    none
Smith John H    Br in law    61    S    NH    NH    NH    Spinner    Woolen Mill
_____ Guy N    Br in law    55    S    NH    NH    NH    Clerk    News Room
Laffond    Richard E    Son    19    S    NH    MA    NH    none