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The Edwards Coat of Arms

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Mary M Edwards

Father: Mother:

John Edwards
Betsy Powers Holden (Mrs.)

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

3/28/1806 Gilmanton NH 1893 Salem OR


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Elias Frost Colby 6/9/1842

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Frances A Colby 2/14/1842 Tuscarawas OH

(son) Colby 1844 Tuscarawas OH


Family located: Tuscarawas OH; Salem OR
Occupation: Farmer

This family was among the early pioneers of Oregon. They left their home in Ohio, Apr. 1, 1850, to traverse the plains with a four ox team. On the way one of the oxen died, and one of two cows which they took with them was put into service in its place. The Dallas, then a frontier fort on the Columbia River, in charge of Capt. U. S. Grant and Lieut. Phil Sheridan, was reached early in November. After a stay of two weeks at the fort, the family went down the Columbia on flat boats, manned by Indians, to a place called "Sandy" on Sandy River, a branch of the Columbia.

Other Info:


1860 Sublimity (Marion) OR
E F Colby    49    Farmer    6000    1920    NH
M M “     53    NH
F A “     18    OH
B Forwards    36    Farmer    __    620    TN

1870 Sublimity (Marion) OR
Colby E F    59    Farmer    6400    600    NH
_____ Mary M    63    Keeps house    NH
McGuire    Geo    26    Laborer    MO

1880 Silverton Dist (Marion) OR
Elias F Colby    69    Farmer    NH    NH    NH
Mary M Colby    74    Keeping house    NH    MA    NH
next house
Blair Forward    40    Farmer    PA    Canada    ?????
F A Forward    38    wife    Keeps House    OH    NH    NH
Mary E    15    Dau    Attending Sch    OR    PA    OH
Allen E    13    Son    “    OR    PA    OH
Chancy    10    “    “    OR    PA    OH
Frank B    5    “    “    OR    PA    OH
Amy C    1    Dau    “    OR    PA    OH
Lina Boyle    16    Servant    work in house    Switzerland

1900 Silverton precinct Silverton town (Marion) OR
Forward Frances    Feb 1842    Wd    1    1    OH    NH    MA
_____ Chaucie    son    Feb 1870    S    OR    PA    OR    soldier corporal

1900 2nd Military District Northern Luzon Phillipine Islands
Forward Chauncey    Private Silverton OR    Feb  1870    S    OR    PA    OH

1910 Salem Precinct 2 (Marion) OR
Forward Francis    68    Wd    7    4    OH    NH    NH    none

1910 Imperial (Imperial) CA
Forward Chauncy    Lodger    40    S    OR    PA    OH    Laborer    ???
living in the home of Er__ Harmon

1910 Salem (Marion) OR
Forward Allen    42    S    OR    PA    OH    Real Estate
Jones ???    Partner    61    S    MO    MI    OH    Laborer

1920 Township 15 (Kern) CA
Forward Allen    Lodger    52    S    OR    PA    IA    Laborer    Oil base
living in the home of Frederick C Barron