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Ruth Calista Edwards

Father: Mother:

John Laton Edwards
Hannah Skinner

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:



Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
James Kemp 7/3/1877 Canonsburg PA Stephen Kemp Margaret Skinner

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

1/3/1840 _____ England


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
John Charles Kemp 9/3/1873

Stephen George Kemp 12/24/1877

Fred Arthur Kemp 4/15/1880

Margaret N Kemp 9/5/1882
1914 Equinunk PA
William Kemp 1/14/1886

Bessie Alice Kemp 1/23/1889

Ruth Amy Kemp 3/31/1891


Family located: Bramen, Wayne County PA; Lookout PA
Occupation: Brickmaker

Other Info:


1880 Honesdale (Wayne) PA
Kemp James    40    Laborer    England    England    England
_____ Ruth    31    keeping house    PA    PA    PA
_____ John    4    PA    England    PA
_____ Stephen    3    PA    England    PA
living in the home of Katie Mott

1900 Manchester Township (Wayne) PA
Kemp James    June 1840    M 27    Eng    Eng    Eng    Farmer
_____ Ruth C    June 1849    M 27    8    7    PA    PA    PA   
_____ John C    Sept 1875    S    NY    Eng    PA    Day Laborer
_____ Frederic A    Apr 1880    S    PA    Eng    PA    Day Laborer
_____ William N    Jan 1886    S    PA    Eng    PA    At School
_____ Bessie A    Jan 1889    S    PA    Eng    PA    At School
_____ Ruth    Mar 1891    S    PA    Eng    PA    At School

1910 Manchester Township (Wayne) PA
Kemp James C    69    37    Eng    Eng    Eng    Farmer    General Farm
_____ Ruth C    61    37    8    7    PA    PA    PA    None
_____ Ruth C    Daughter    19    PA    PA    Eng    Servant    Private family

1920 Manchester (Wayne) PA
Kemp Ruth C    70    Wd    PA    PA    PA    Home Keeping    Boarding
_____ Ruth A    Daughter    S    PA    PA    PA    Servant    Private Family
_____ Fred    Son    39    S    PA    PA    PA    Laborer    Saw Mill
_____ Helen    Granddaughter    5    PA    PA    PA

1920 Manchester (Wayne) PA
Kemp John    44    M    NY    NY    NY    Farmer    Gen. Farm
_____ Katy    45    M    PA    PA    PA    none
_____ Clarence    Son    17    S    PA    PA    PA
_____ Leah    Daughter    14    S    PA    PA    PA
_____ Kenneth    Son    8    S    PA    PA    PA
_____ Lucy    Daughter    4    S    PA    PA    PA
Mogridge Mathan    Father in law    PA    PA    PA    none


For more information about the descendants of Ruth Calista Edwards, see this section of Ancestors of Allen Rauner.