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Statirah Frisbie Edwards

Father: Mother:

David Edwards
Alcemina Frisbie

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

7/9/1827 Bristol NH


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Warren Kasson Chamberlin 12/30/1847 Newbury VT Benjamin Chamberlin Sally Kasson

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

5/6/1815 Newbury VT 7/3/1884 Newbury VT


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Helen Marr Chamberlin 6/18/1848 Newbury VT
Berlin NH
Marion Chamberlin 1/11/1850 Newbury VT 9/20/1869 Newbury VT
William Henry Chamberlin 3/1/1852 Newbury VT 6/12/1887 Whitefield NH
George Warren Chamberlin 7/26/1856 Newbury VT 3/27/1941
Concord NH
Flora Jane Chamberlin 6/3/1858 Newbury VT

Velma Gertrude Chamberlin 9/2/1868 Newbury VT

Herbert Benjamin Chamberlin 7/26/1870 Newbury VT

Herman David Chamberlin 7/26/1870 Newbury VT


Family located: Newbury VT; Wells River VT
Occupation: Farmer

Helen Marr Chamberlin married George E. Hutchins, a locomotive engineer. He was Mayor of Berlin NH (1905 - _____).

Other Info:

Helen [Hutchins] died of apoplexy
William H Chamberlain died of peritonitis [married, merchant]
George W Chamberlin m 7/3/1877 Whitehield NH Harriett M Weare dau of W W Weare and Clarinda _____
Vellma G Chamberlin m 6/19/1888 Woodsville NH William D Leighton b Newbury VT s of Lorenzo D Leighton and Sallina Lindsay
Herbert B Chamberlin m 5/20/1908 VT Florence S Robinson
Herman D Chamberlin m 1/29/1922 Haverhill NH Josie White dau of Nathaniel Clarke and Ellen French


1850 Newbury (Orange) VT
Benjamin Chamberlin    65    farmer    1000    VT
Sally    63    Conn
Warren    35    farmer    VT
Statira    23    VT
Helen M    2

1860 Newbury (Orange) VT
Warren H Chamberlin    45    Farmer    1500    545    VT
Setira    33    NH
Hellen    12    VT
Mary Ann    9    VT
William    7    VT
George W    4    VT
Flora Jane    2    VT
Benjiman    75    VT

1870 Newbury (Orange) VT
Chamberlin Warren    55    Farmer    2000    1000    VT
_____ Sarah F    42    Keeping House    NH
_____ William H    17    VT
_____ George W    14    VT
_____ Flora J    12    VT
Chamberlin Velma    81    VT
_____ Benjamin    85    VT

1880 Newbury (Orange) VT
Chamberlin Warren    65    Laborer    VT    VT    NH
_____ Statirah    52    Wife    Keeping House    NH    NH    ME
_____ Velma G    11    Daughter    At School    VT    VT    NH
_____ Herbert    9    Son    At Home    VT    VT    NH
_____ Herman    9    Son    At School    VT    VT    NH

1900 Coventry (Orleans) VT
Chamberlin Herbert B    July 1870    M ) VT    VT    NH    Butter Maker
_____ Alta V    Nov 1871    M 0    VT    VT    Can

1900 Charleston (Orleans) VT
Chamberlin Herman D    July 1870    M 3    VT    NH    VT    ___ Maker
_____ Nellie N    May 1875    M 3    2    2    VT    VT    VT
_____ Nelson W    Sept 1898    S    VT    VT    VT
_____ Walter G    June 1899    S    VT    VT    VT

1900 Berlin Town (Coos) NH
Hutchins George    Oct 1848    M 29    NH    NH    NH    Locomotive Engineer
_____ Ellen    June 1848    M 29    VT    VT    NH

1910 Laconia (Belknap) NH
Hutchins George    62    Wd    living in the home of his parents

1910 Barnet (Caledonia) VT
Chamberlin Herman D    39    14    VT    VT    VT    Butter maker    Creamery
_____ Ellen G    35    14    3    3    VT    VT    VT    none
_____ Nelson W    Son    12    S    VT    VT    VT    none
_____ Walter G    Son    10    S    VT    VT    VT    none
_____ Madeline E    Daughter    8    S    VT    VT    VT    none

1920 Lisbon (Grafton) NH
Chamberlin Herman D    49    Wd    VT    VT    VT    Butter Maker    Creamery
_____ Walter G    Son    20    S    VT    VT    VT    Student    none
_____ Madelin E    Daughter    18    S    VT    VT    VT    none
_____ ????? R    Son    5    S    VT    VT    VT    none

1930 Haverhill (Grafton) NH
Chamberlin Herman D    59    M 26    VT    VT    VT    Meat Cutter    Meat Market
_____ Josephine F    54    M 18    NH    NH    VT    none
_____ Leslie M    Son    16    S    VT    VT    VT    none