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Francelia E Edwards

Father: Mother:

Timothy Edwards
Roxcelia Farrington

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

10/26/1906 Belmont NH


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Orin Augustus Barnard 6/9/1863 Boston MA Oliver Titcomb Barnard Hannah Peasley

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

5/1/1835 Weare NH 5/23/1896 Belmont MA


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Frederick Augustus Barnard 3/1/1865 Boston MA 1/1/1939
Concord NH
Frank Edwards Barnard 2/1/1868 Boston MA 12/17/1902 Westboro MA
Orin Augustus Barnard 3/27/1871 Boston MA


Family located: Boston MA
Occupation: Proprietor of Livery Stables

Other Info:

Francelia Edwards Barnard wd d 10/28/1896 Watertown MA carcinoma uteri, bur Watertown

[Orrin Frank in Boston birth records]
Frank E Barnard clerk of Somerville m 6/9/1881 Boston MA Helen W Niles 24 dau of Robert E Niles and Mary E _____
[female] Barnard b 10/24/1893 dau of Frank E Barnard, clerk,  and Helen Niles
Frank E Barnard d 12/17/1903 Westborough Insane Hospital Westborough MA purpura hemorrhagica and oedema glotis, bur Mt Auburn Cemetery Cambridge MA

Orrin A Barnard m 4/4/1896 Watertown MA Lydia N Mansur 24 of Lowell, b Lowell dau of Wm G Mansur and Mary J Sprague


1870 Ward Six Boston (Suffolk) MA
Barnard Orin A    37    Stable Keeper    0    16000    NH
_____ Francillia    30    Keeping house    VT
_____ Fred A    5    At home    MA
_____ Frank E    2    At home    MA

1880 Boston (Suffolk) MA
Barnard Orrin A    45    Proprietor of Livery Stable    NH    NH    NH
_____ Celia E    39    Wife    Keeping house    VT    VT    VT
_____ Fred A    15    Son    MA    NH    VT
_____ Oliver F    12    Son    MA    NH    VT
_____ Orrin A Jr    9    Son    MA    NH    VT

1900 Watertown town (Middlesex) MA
Barnard Frank    Feb 1868    M 9    MA    NH    VT    merchant
_____ Helen    Dec 1867    M 9    2    2    ME    ME    ME
_____ Frances N    daughter    Oct 1893    S    MA    MA    ME
_____ Laena E    daughter    Aug 1897    S    MA    MA    ME

1900 Belmont (Middlesex) MA
Barnard Orin A    Mar 1871    M 4    MA    NH    VT    commission merchant
_____ Lydia W    Feb 1872    M 4    1    1    MA    MA    MA
_____ ____    Son    Oct 1897    S    MA    MA    MA
_____ Frederick A    Brother    Mar 1865    S    MA    MA    MA    clerk in court
McLean Lila    servant    May 1879    S    Nova Scotia    Nova Scotia    Nova Scotia    Servant

1910 Borough of Manhattan New York City (New York) NY
Barnard Orin A    39    14    MA    MA    VT    Merchant    Cotton
_____ Lydia M    38    14    1    1    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ Munsen E    Son    12    S    MA    MA    MA    school
McDonal    Carrie A    servant    20    S    Canada    Scot    Canada    Housework    Family
_____    Bella A    servant    21    S    Canada    Scot    Canada    Housework    Family