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Chapter 1
The Edwards Coat of Arms

Family Records:
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John 2
John 3
Richard 3
Jonathan 3
Samuel 3
Nathaniel 3
William 3


The Crockett Connection
Edwards and the Civil War
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Our Immigrant Ancestors
1906 Census

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Mayberry Hill Chronicles

This Old House
Justin Edwards had a Farm
Letters from Henry


Mary Jane Stone

Father: Mother:

Solomon Stone
Eunice Edwards

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Waterford ME 2/5/1873


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
George W Pattee
Waterford ME

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Caroline M Pattee
Waterford ME

Horace B Pattee
Harrison ME

George A Pattee
Waterford ME

Wilbur S Pattee

Cora Pattee
Harrison ME

Other Info:

Grace E Hutchins b 2/25/1892 Bridgton ME
Margaret Hutchins b 7/4/1894 Bridgton ME
Horace Hutchins b 11/28/1896 Bridgton ME d 12/22/1896 Bridgton ME heart disease
Cora N Hutchins 37 7 d 4/23/1901 Bridgton ME b Harrison ME dau of George Pattee b Harrison and ___ Stone b Waterford; wife of Cyrus M Hutchins; placenta previa

Horace B Pattee m 9/13/1876 Groton MA Abbie A Wood 17 b Littleton MA dau of Watson Wood and Mary E _____
Horace Waldo Pattee b 5/20/1883 Groton MA
Horace W Pattee 3 2 16 d 8/15/1886 Groton MA
Mary Abbie Pattee b 2/28/1879 Groton MA
Mary A Pattee m 10/11/1899 Harvard MA charles S Ripley, 29, farmer, b Boston s of Eliab Ripley and Fanny E Littlefield
Beatrice Eveline Pattee b6/2/1889
Beatrice E Pattee, 18, of Harvard, b West Groton dau of Horace B Pattee and Abby A Wood m 4/5/1908 Bolton MA Frank H Blair, 26, of bolton, b Webster s of Marcellus A Blair and Martha E Carbin

William L Pattee, 21 b Harrison ME engineer in mill m 11/9/1882 Groton MA Mabel Powers, 17 of Shirley, Dexter and Hannah B Crosby, guardians
Wilber S Pattee b 12/14/1860 Bridgton ME d 12/25/1912 Harvard MA
phthisis pulmonalis; bur Westlawn Cemetery, Littleton MA


1850 Harrison (Cumberland) ME
George W Pattie    25    Shoemaker    NH
Mary J Pattie    27    ME
Caroline M Pattie    1    ME
Stephen K Pattie    19    NH    attended school within the year

1860 Harrison (Cumberland) ME
George W Pattee    34    Shoe Maker    0    100    Conway NH
Mary J “     33    wife    Waterford ME
Caroline M “     10    Waterford ME
Horace B “     8    Harrison ME
George A “     5    Waterford ME

1870 Harrison (Cumberland) ME
Pettee George W    44    Shoemaker    50    100    NH
_____ Mary Jane    44    Keeping House    ME
_____ Caroline M    20    at home    ME
_____ Wilbur S    9    attends school    ME
_____ Cora P    6    attends school    ME

1880 Waterford (Oxford) ME
George W Pattee    54    M    Shoe Maker    NH    ME    NH
_____ Ann M    34    M    Keeping House    ME    ME    ME
_____ Lena R    5    daughter    S    ME    NH    ME
_____ Eunice A    2    daughter    S    ME    NH    ME

1870 Boston (Suffolk) MA
Pattee Horace    19    work on farm    ME
living in the household of Asa Thompson

1920 Harvard (Worcester) MA
Pattee Horace B    68    M    ME    ME    ME    laborer    farm
_____ Abbie A    60 M    MA    MA    MA    none

1880 Weld (Franklin) ME
Pattee Wilbur L    19    S    Laborer    attended school within the year    ME    NH    ME
Living in the household of Hamlin R Butterfield

1900 Boxborough Town (Middlesex) MA
Pattee Wilbur    Sept 1862    M 4    ME    ME    ME    Farmer
_____ Miry    May 1861    M 4    2    2    MA    Nova Scotia    Ireland
Reynolds Mabel    daughter    Sept 1885    S    MA    VT    MA

1880 Bridgton (Cumberland) ME
Pattie Cora    16    Servant    S    Servant    ME    ME    ME
living in the household of John B Martin, hotel keeper

1900 Bridgton (Cumberland) ME
Hutchins Cyrus N    Nov 8    1850    M 25    ME    ME    ME    Day Laborer
_____ Cora N    Feb 10 1861    M 25    7    6    ME    ME    ME
_____ Helen F    Daughter    Oct 11 1885    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Lillian B    Daughter    Jan 10 1857    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Mary E    Daughter    Feb 6 1889    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Elizabeth    Daughter    Nov 10 1891    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Esma S    Daughter    Feb 11 1893    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Margaret    Daughter    Jun 5 1896    S    ME    ME    ME