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Marshall Lathrop Keniston

Father: Mother:

Samuel Ephraham Keniston
Dorothy Files Edwards

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Lowell MA
Ludlow VT


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Marey E Mccolister
Lebanon NH
Isac Mccolister
Mary E _____

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Plainfield NH


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Albert Irwin Keniston


Venia M Keniston
Plainfield NH

Walter C Keniston
Plainfield NH
Lebanon NH
George Harley Keniston
Lebanon NH
Enfield NH
Guy Harold Keniston
Lebanon NH

Harry C Keniston
Lebanon NH
Alameda CA

Other Info:

Walter Keniston d indigestion
George Keniston d instantly; suppose to be troubled heart; contributing cause heat and work; had been resident of Enfield a few days
Marshall Lothrop Keniston d pneumonia (lobar)
Marshall L Keniston, wife Mary, and children Albert, Walter, George, and Guy are bur Glenwood Cemetery, Lebanon NH; see findagrave

Albert I Keniston m 11/3/1906 Lebanon NH Louisa C Lary b Canaan NH  dau of Joseph Lary and Frances Learned
WW1 draft registration: Albert Irwin Keniston, farmer, employed by Marshall Keniston, nearest rel: Louisa C Keniston; med height, med build, blue eyes, lt brown hair

Venia Keniston Guy, son James S Russell, husband Albert, and son George are bur Glenwood Cemetery, Lebanon NH
Venia May Keniston m 2/14/1894 Hartford VT Ande Russell
James Samuel Russell b 5/26/1899 Bedford NH s of Audie Russell and Vana M Kennison
WW1 draft registration 9/12/1918: James Samuel Russell, millworker, nearest rel: Venia Guy; tall, med build, blue eyes, light brown hair
James S Russell, 37, truck driver b Bedford NH s of  Aude Russell and Venia Keniston m 9/24/1936 Lebanon NH Rose Jane Boucher dau of Arthur Boucher and Rose Harper
James Samuel Russell carpenter of Lebanon NH d 5/23/1958 Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital Hanover NH biliary obstruction due to carcinamatosis due to carcinoma of colon; peritonitis & subdiaphragmatic abscessed due to perforation of colon [autopsy]
Venia M Russell [div] m 8/1/1904 Lebanon NH Albert Guy b Hawksbury Canada s of Thomas Guy and Maggie Jane Forsythe; he d 12/22/1939 Hanover NH;
[male] Guy b 9/8/1905 d 9/22/1906 Lebanon NH cholera infantum
WW1 draft registration 9/12/1918: James Albert Guy b 12/11/1874 non declared alien b Canada; nearest relative: Viney May Guy Lebanon NH: medium height, medium build, light blue eyes, dark brown hair
Venia A Guy m 12/3/1928 Enfield NH Alexander C Dubrule b Ashbranham MA s of Sylvio Dubrule and Rose Baugram
Louise Ethel Guy m 12/23/1932 Enfield NH Axel August Anttila, 26 of Enfield b Finland s of August Antilla and Olga Syren
George H Guy m 11/23/1946 Lebanon NH [int] Marion B Clark, 24, div, b Lebanon NH dau of Archie Spaulding and Mabel Eastman

Guy Harold Keniston m 11/19/1910 Athol MA Ethel Gertrude Ward b 12/24/1892 Orange MA dau of Eddie L Ward and Mary A Pope
Evelyn May Keniston b 12/21/1915 Fitchburg MA d 10/26/2003 m Harold Duval
Gertrude E [Ward] [Keniston] Cheney bur Central Cemetery, Orange MA; see findagrave


1870 Ward 6 Lowell (Middlesex)
Kenneston Watson    37    Teamster    NY
_____ Elizabeth    40    Keeping house    ME
_____ Edward Y    19    works in bolt shop    MA
Young George L    15    works in bolt shop    MA
_____ Fred A    9    at school    MA
Kenniston Henry    6    at school    MA
_____ Samuel    4    at home    MA
_____ Eva M    8/12    at home    MA
same dwelling different household
Kenniston Frances    35    keeping house    ME
_____ Lothrop    16    Farm laborer    MA
_____ George M    6    at school    ME

1880 Plainfield (Sullivan) NH
Keniston Marshal    26    M    Farmer    MA
_____ Mary E    27    M    Keeping house    NH    NH    NH
_____ Albert E    4    Son    S    NH    ___    NH
_____ Vena M    3    Daughter    S    NH    ___    NH
_____ Robert C    1    Son    S    NH    NH    NH
Ragan Mary M    67    mother    Wd    NH    NH    NH

1900 (Lebanon) Grafton NH
Keniston L M    June 1854    M 25    MA    __    __    Farmer
_____ Mary E    Jan 1853    M 25    6    5    NH    MA    NH    Housekeeper
_____ Albert E    Son    Sept 1875    S    NH    MA    NH    Racke and Shovel Maker
_____ George H    Son    Mar 1885    S    NH    MA    NH    at school
_____ Guy H    Son    Apr 1888    S    NH    MA    NH    at school
_____ Harry C    Son    Sept 1889    S    NH    MA    NH    at school

1900 Lebanon (Grafton) NH
Russell Vena    servt    July 1877    M 2/12    2    1    NH    MA    NH    housework
_____ James S    son    May 1899    S    NH    MA    NH
living in the household of Martin Merrill

1910 Lebanon (Grafton) NH
Keniston Lathrop M    55    M1 36    MA    NH    ME    Farmer    General Farm
_____ Mary E    57    M1 36    6    5    NH    VT    NH    none
Guy Albert J    son in law    36    M? 5    Canada    England    England    1901 al    Extractor    Woolen Mill
_____ Venia M    Daughter    33    M? 5    5    3    NH    MA    NH    none
Kenniston George H    Son    25    S    NH    MA    NH    Laborer    on farm
_____ Guy H    Son    22    S    NH    MA    NH    Machinist    Sewing Machine Man
_____ Harry C    Son    20    S    NH    MA    NH    Machinist    Sewing Machine Man
Russell James S    Grandson    11    S    NH    MA    NH    none
Guy Inez M    Granddaughter    3    S    NH    Canada    NH    none
_____ Margaret M    Granddaughter    1    S    NH    Canada    NH    none

1920 Lebanon (Grafton) NH
Guy Albert    45    M 1901 al    Canada    England    Scotland    Card feeder    woolen mill
_____ Venia M    42    M    NH    MA    NH    stitcher    overhall shop
_____ Inez M    Daughter    13    S    NH    Canada    NH    none
_____ Margaret M     Daughter    12    S    NH    Canada    NH    none
_____ Alberta V    Daughter    9    S    NH    Canada    NH    none
_____ Louise E    Daughter    6    S    NH    Canada    NH    none
_____ George H    Son    4 6/12    S    NH    Canada    NH    none
_____ David    Brother    70    S    Canada    England    Scotland    none
Russell James S     Stepson    20    S    NH    VT    NH    Card stripper    woolen mill

1930 Lebanon (Grafton) NH
Guy Albert    56    M 31    1894 Na    Labor    Wool Mill
_____ Venia    52    M 17    NH    NH    NH    none
_____ Louise    Daughter    17    S    NH    Canada    NH    none
_____ George    Son    14    S    NH    Canada    NH    none
Russell James    Step son    30    S    NH    Canada    NH    Labor    Trucks
1 lodger also in household

Keniston Marshall L    65    M    MA    NH    ME    Farmer    home farm
_____ Mary E    66    M    NH    VT    NH    none
_____ Albert I    Son    44    M    NH    MA    NH    Farmer    home farm
_____ Louisa    Daughter in law    34    M    NH    NH    VT    none
_____ Myrtle A Granddaughter    12    S    NH    NH    NH    none

1930 Ludlow (Windsor) VT
Keniston Marshall    75    M 20    MA    NH    ME    Farmer general farming
_____ Mary E    77    M 21    NH    US    NH    none
same dwelling different household
Keniston Albert D    54    M 31    NH    MA    NH    Carpenter    house and building
_____ Louisa    44    M 21    NH    NH    VT    none
same dwelling different household
Hadly Charles M    43    M 38    NH    NH    NH    millright    woolen mill
_____ Inez M    23    M 18    NH    Canada    NH    none
_____ Ruth M    Daughter    4    S    VT    NH    NH    none
_____ Albert M    Son    2    S    NH    NH    NH    none

1940 Lebanon (Grafton) NH
Colburn Custer    34    M    VT    WPA    Lumber Ind
_____ Margaret M    31    M    NH   
_____ Clyde L    son    11    S    NH
_____ Harold R    son    9    S    NH
_____ Raymond L    son    7    S    NH
next dwelling
Guy Venia M    63    Wd    NH    housework    private home
_____ George H    son    25    S    NH    salesman    oil burner ind

1920 Alameda (Alameda) CA
Keniston Harry    30    M    NH    NH    NH    Service Engineer    Tool Company
_____ Dorothy    23    M    WA    GA    GA    none
_____ Rowena    Daughter    8/12    S    CA    NH    WA    none

1930 Oakland (Alameda) CA
Keniston Harry C    40    M 27    NH    US    US    Salesman    Bonds
_____ Dorothy B    35    M 22    WA    KY    AL    none
_____ Dorothy G    Daughter    10    S    CA    NH    WA    none

1940 Rio Oso (Sutter) CA
Keniston Harry    50    M    NH    foreman    ranch work
_____ Dorothy    40    H    WA
Manning Rowena    niece    19    S    CA
Petty Wayne L    grandson    2    S    CA

1910 Lebanon (Grafton) NH
Keniston Albert I    34    M1 4    NH    MA    NH    Laborer    Rake Manufactory
_____ Louisa C    24    M1 4    2    1    NH    NH    VT    none
_____ Myrtle A    Daughter    2    S    NH    NH    NH    none

1940 Ludlow (Windsor) VT
Lebrun Eldoris E    32    M    NH    Dyer    Textile wool mill
_____ Myrtle     32    M    NH
_____ Robert    son    11    S    NH
_____ Louis    son    10    S    NH
_____ Norman    son    7    S    VT
Keniston Albert I    father in law    64    M    NH    general Laborer    Lumber Mill
_____ Louisa    mother in law    54    M    NH

1940 Strong (Franklin) ME
Kenniston Albert I    45    M    ME    foreman    __brick mill
_____ Iva L    41    M    ME
_____ Earlon A    son    22    S    ME    filer    toothpick mill
_____ Lloyd P    son    21    S    ME    mill worker    toothpick mill
_____ Phyllis I    daughter    14    S    ME

1920 Orange (Franklin) MA
Keniston Ethel G    Daughter    27    Wd    MA    MA    VT    Needle Setter    Needle Shop
_____ Evelyn M    Granddaughter    4 1/12    S    MA    NH    VT    none
living in the household of E L Ward

1930 Orange (Franklin) MA
Cheney William W    55    M 49    MA    MA    MA    Time keeper    shoe
_____ Ethel G    37    M 17    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ Gurtrud M    Daughter    14    S    MA    MA    MA    none
Keniston E    Daughter    3    S    MA    MA    MA    none
1 boarder also in household

1940 Orange (Franklin) MA
Duval Harold W    24    MA    Hand Turner    Wooden Heel Factory
_____ Evelyn M    24    MA    Stitcher    Clothing Factory
_____ Joanna    daughter    10/12    S    MA

Unpublished Resources:

from family history compiled by K. Edwards:
Marshall Lathrop Keniston m. 12/5/1874 Mary Eliza McCallister