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David Leander Keniston

Father: Mother:

Samuel Ephraham Keniston
Dorothy Files Edwards

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Albany MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Florilla Heath
Gilead ME
Perley Heath
Larinda Bennett

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Gilead ME
North Lovell ME
Name:Marriage Date:Marriage Location:Father:Mother:

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Jessie Oneil Keniston
Gilead ME

male stillborn Keniston
Stoneham ME

2nd ch
Stoneham ME

Gladis May Keniston

Stoneham ME
Beatrice Keniston 4th ch
Stoneham ME

Other Info:

Gladys May d age 16 LaGrippie; bur Stoneham
Florilla Heath Keniston d age 45 9 17 heart disease

Jesse O Keniston m 9/21/1907 Enfield NH Ida M Philbrick, 16, b Sunapee NH
WW1 draft registration 9/12/1918: Jesse Oneil Keniston, farmer; nearest rel: Ida May Keniston; short, med build, blue eyes, black hair
Jessie O Keniston m 10/3/1930 Nellie R Hood both res Stockton Springs ME
Jesse O Keniston bur Old Lyme Cemetery, Lyme NH; see findagrave

Emma B Kenniston m 3/27/1915 Newbury VT Lafayette A Duval, student b Prospect CT s of Rev Clark Duval b Sharon CT and Julia b Anthony b Prospect Ct, Rev Clark Duval officiating
WW1 draft registration 8/24/1918: Lafayette A Duval b 6/19/1897, Prospect CT; f b Sharon CT; nearest rel: Beatrice K Duval, wife, Danbury NH; short, slender, brown eyes, dark brown hair
female Duval d 12/11/1939 age 0
David L Duvall d 12/4/1967 Richmond GA
Beatrice E Kenniston, Stockton Springs m 7/24/1944 Henry M Dyer of Belfast
Beatrice Keniston Dyer is bur Grove Cemetery, Belfast ME; see findagrave


1870 Albany (Oxford) ME
David Kenniston     14   
living in the home of Leonard Cummings [step-grandfather]

1880 Paris (Oxford) ME
Keniston D L    24    S    Laborer    ME    ME    ME
[only entry on page; handwritten below: the above names person was enumerated in June 1880 upon Supt Schedule and not upon Population Schedule. This sheet was sent tho Enumerator and the missing data as to age, color, sex, nativity, etc supplied by him]

1900 Stoneham (Oxford) ME
Keniston David    May 1857    M 17    ME    ME    ME    Day Laborer
_____ Flora    Jan 1867    M 17    2    2    ME    ME    ME
_____ Jessie O    Son    May 1885    S    ME    ME    ME    at school
_____ Emma B    Daughter    June 1899    1    S    ME    ME    ME

1910 Gilead (Oxford) ME
Kenneston Jesse O    24    M1 3    ME    MA    ME    Laborer    Boffin Mill
_____ Ida M    17    M1 3    NH    NH    NH    none
Philbrick Elizabeth M    sister in law    15    S    NH    NH    NH    none
Kenneston David L    Father    62    Wd    MA    England    ME    Laborer    General work

1920 Goshen (Litchfield) CT
Kenniston David L    56    M    MA    England    ME    Laborer    Lumber Camp
_____ Ida M    Wife    43    S    VT    VT    VT    none
_____ Nelson A    Son    16    S    VT    VT    VT    Laborer    Lumber Camp
_____ Harold    Stepson    12    S    VT    VT    VT    none
_____ Edwin    Stepson    9    S    VT    VT    VT    none
Kenniston Jesse O    34    M    ME    MA    ME    Laborer    Lumber Camp
_____ Ida M    27    NH    NH    NH    none
_____ Burton    Son    7    S    VT    NH    ME    none
_____ Leander O    Son    11/12    S    CT    NH    ME none

1920 Augusta (Richmond) GA
Duvall Lafayett    22    M    CT    CT    CT    Carpenter    Cotton Mill
_____ Beatrice    20    M    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ David L    Son    1/12    S    GA    CT    MA    none
_____ Clark    Father    63    M    CT    NY    NY    Minister of Gospal
_____ Julia    Mother    65    M    CT    CT    CT    none

1930 Freeport (Cumberland) ME
Duvall Beatrice E    30    M 16    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ David L    Son    10    S    GA    CT    ME    none
_____ Flora L    Dau    8    S    GA    CT    ME    none
_____ Stephen I    Son    6    S    CT    CT    ME    none
_____ Beatrice I    Dau    2 2/12    S    NH    CT    ME    none
Keniston L David    Father    73    Wd    21    MR    England    ME    none-not able
1 boarder also in household

1930 Freeport (Cumberland) ME
Kenniston Jessie O    44    D    ME    ME    ME    Section hand    Steam Railroad
_____ Gladys M    Daughter    7    S    CT    ME    VT    none
_____ Evelyn F    Daughter    5    S    ME    ME    VT    none
_____ Irwin J    Son    3 10/12    S    NH    ME    VT    none
_____ May A    Daughter    2 2/12    S    NH    ME    VT    none
Hood Nellie R    Servant    30        S    VT    VT    VT    Servant    Private Family
Kenniston Burton    Son    17    S    VT    VT    VT    none

1940 Augusta (Richmond) GA
Duvall Lafatte     41    M    CT    Instrument Repairer    Arsenal
_____ Roama    21    M    NH
_____ D___    Son    20    S    GA    Truck Driver    Food Produce
_____ Flora    Daughter    18    S    GA    New Worker
_____ Stephen    Son    16    S    CT
_____ George    Son    2    S    GA

1940 Stockton Springs (County) ME
Duvall Beatrice E    servant    40    D    ME
living in the household of Ezra F Swett


For more information about the descendants of David Leander Keniston, see this section of Palfenier Connections 10 Jun 2008.

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from family history compiled by K. Edwards:
David Leander Keniston m. 12/25/1881 Florilla Heath; also married Hattie Campbell St. John