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George Wendall Keniston

Father: Mother:

Samuel Ephraham Keniston
Dorothy Files Edwards

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Albany ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Etta McKeen
Albany ME

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Irene Keniston
Albany ME
Albany ME
Arthur S Keniston
Albany ME
Portland ME
Dorothy J Keniston

Norway ME
Leslie Burnham Keniston
Albany ME
Coeur D'Alene ID
Mary Ella Keniston

Westbrook ME
Minnie E Keniston
Lovell ME
Yarmouth ME
George Wendall Keniston Jr
S Paris ME

Other Info:

George Keniston, wife Etta, and children Irene, Dorothy, Mary, and George Jr bur Riverside Annex Cemetery, South Paris ME; see findagrave

Irene Keniston d 4 mo 22 da anaemia

WW1 draft registration 3/16/1918: Arthur S Keniston b 9/24/1894 Albany ME; previously served as pvt CAC 2 yrs Maine Nat Guard; medium height, slender build, blue eyes, brown hair
Arthur S Keniston US Army 151 Dep Brg 7/25/1918-12/5/1918
Arthur S Keniston m 5/6/1922 Wilma Graham Dinsmore, both of Portland ME

Dorothy J Keniston m 9/2/1916 Percival V Decosta, both of So Paris ME
WW1 draft registration 6/5/1917: Percival Victor DeCosta b 12/15/1893 Buckfield ME; wife dependent; tall, medium build, light brown eyes, black hair

Leslie Burnham Keniston US Navy A S Sea. S F 2c 7/29/1915 Portsmouth NH -4/21/1919 New Orleans LA
registered voter Los Angeles 1932
9/5/1939 SS Acrangi sailing from Vancouver to Honolulu
Keniston Leslie Burnham 41 b Albany ME 5/2/1898; US address: US Fleet Air Base, Pearl Harbour, Honolulu, T. H.
Keniston Jessie 34 b Newarkhill Lanarokshire, Scotland 4/15/1905 Nat US citizen at District Court of US Los Angeles, CA 1/22/1932
Keniston Jessie 11 b San Francisco CA 9/30/1927
arriving Los Angeles Harbor CA 4/19/1941 from Honolulu
Keniston Leslie 42
Keniston Jessie 35
Keniston Jessie 15
Leslie B Keniston and wife Jessie are buried Forest Cemetery Coeur d'Alene ID; see findagrave

Mary E Keniston Women's Army Corps 5/31/1944
Minnie E Keniston m 5/5/1935 Gorham NH Donald E Bourgois, 29, b Caribou ME  s of Albnie Bourgois and Gertrude Hanscom


1870 Ward 6 Lowell (Middlesex)
Kenneston Watson    37    Teamster    NY
_____ Elizabeth    40    Keeping house    ME
_____ Edward Y    19    works in bolt shop    MA
Young George L    15    works in bolt shop    MA
_____ Fred A    9    at school    MA
Kenniston Henry    6    at school    MA
_____ Samuel    4    at home    MA
_____ Eva M    8/12    at home    MA
same dwelling different household
Kenniston Frances    35    keeping house    ME
_____ Lothrop    16    Farm laborer    MA
_____ George M    6    at school    ME

1900 Waterford (Oxford) ME
Keniston George W    Boarder    Jan 1864    M 9    ME    NH    ME    Day laborer
_____ Ela F    Boarder    Oct 1874    M 9    5    4    ME    ME    ME
_____ Arthur S    Boarder    Sept 1894    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Doratha J    Boarder    Feb 1897    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ Leslie B    Boarder    May 1898    S    ME    ME    ME
_____ May E    Boarder    May 1899    S    ME    ME    ME

1910 Pepperell (Middlesex) MA
Keniston George W    46    M1 19    ME    ME    ME    Laborer    working out
_____ Etta F    35    M1 19    6    1    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Arthur S    son    15    S    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Dorothy J    daughter    13    S    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Leslie B    son    12    S    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Mary E    daughter    11    S    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Minnie E    daughter    2    S    ME    ME    ME    none

1920 South Paris (Oxford) ME
Keniston Geo W    55    M    ME    NH    ME    Machine hand    Wood work
_____ Etta F    45    M    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Mary E    Daughter    20    S    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Minnie E    Daughter    12    S    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Geo W Jr    Son    3    S    ME    ME    ME    none

1930 South Paris (Oxford) ME
Keniston George W    66    M 27    ME    NH    ME    night watchman    toy factory
_____ Etta F    55    M 16    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ George W Jr    son    14    S    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Arthur S    grandson    9    S    ME    ME    ME    none

1940 Paris (Oxford) ME
Bourgois Ronald E    34    M    ME    Foreman    Tannery
_____ Minnie K    32    ME    Laundry and House Manager    own home
_____ Rosemary    daughter    6    S    ME
_____ Thomas R    son    4    S    ME
_____ Nancy R    daughter    2    S    ME
Kenniston George W    Father    76    M    ME    Laborer    Paris Mfg Co
_____ Etta F    Mother    65    M    ME    house wife    own home

1920 South Paris (Oxford) ME
DeCosta Dorothy J    Boarder    23    M    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Benjamin S    Boarder    2    S    ME    ME    ME    none
living in the household of Chas Edwards

1930 Norway (Oxford) ME
DeCosta Dorothy    Lodger    33    M 19    ME    ME    ME    Asst Photographer    Studio
living in the household of Perley Snow

1930 Hebron (Oxford) ME
Western Maine Sanitorium
Decosta Benjamin    Patient    12    S    ME    ME    ME    none

1930 Portland (Cumberland) ME
Graham William A    56    M 19    MA    Scotland    ME    Mason    Building
_____ Elizabeth E    54    M 16    ME    Canada    Canada    none
_____ Madaline    Daughter    30    S    ME    MA    ME    Bookkeeper    Paper Mill
Keniston Arthur S    Son in law    37    W    ME    ME    ME    Wood Turner    Billiard factory
_____ Graham A    Grandson    7    S    ME    ME    ME    none
Densmore Jeannette    Granddaughter    13    S    NH    NH    ME    none
_____ Eleanor    Granddaughter    15    S    NH    NH    ME    none

1940 Portland (Cumberland) ME
Graham Elizabeth    64    Wd    ME
_____ Madelaine    daughter    39    S    ME    paper sorter    paper mill
Densmore Eleanor    granddaughter    25    S    NH   
Kenniston Arthur    son in law    45    Wd    ME    foreman    laundry
_____ Graham    grandson    17    S    ME

1930 San Francisco (San Francisco) CA
Keniston Jessie    Lodger    23    M 20    Scotland    Scotland    Scotland    Waitress    Restaurant
living in the household of John W Ackroyd

1940 Island of Oahu Honolulu County HI
Keniston Leslie B    41    M    ME    public works supervisor    fleet-air base
_____ Jessie    34    M    Scotland    NA
_____ George W    brother    24    S    ME
Ackroyd Marjory J    niece    14    S    CA

1940 Manhattan (New York) NY
Madison Ave
New York Deaconess Home Assn
Kenniston Mary Ella    Lodger    40    S    ME    deaconess

1930 Hallowell (Kennebec) ME
Keniston Minnie     roomer    22    S    ME    ME    ME    Teacher    Primary School
living in the household of Ethel M Andrews

Unpublished Resources:

from family history compiled by K. Edwards:
George Wendall Keniston m. 11/2/1890 Etta Frances McKeen