Introductory Material:

Chapter 1
The Edwards Coat of Arms

Family Records:
John 1
John 2
John 3
Richard 3
Jonathan 3
Samuel 3
Nathaniel 3
William 3


The Crockett Connection
Edwards and the Civil War
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Our Immigrant Ancestors
1906 Census

Family Fun
Mayberry Hill Chronicles

This Old House
Justin Edwards had a Farm
Letters from Henry

Abba Merrill Edwards

Father: Mother:

Albert Edwards
Susan Hill Dunnell

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

1/27/1838 Buxton ME 7/15/1904 Allston MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
William Lord Pierce 1/28/1857 Boston MA Joseph Pierce Elizabeth Baker

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

10/25/1877 Allston MA


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Achsah Elizabeth Pierce 3/19/1860 Somerville MA

Edward Joseph Pierce 8/1/1868 Somerville MA

Abbie Gertrude Pierce 7/23/1875 Allston MA


Family located: Somerville MA; Allston MA
Occupation: Sash and Blind Manufacturer

Other Info:

Abby Edwards Pierce died of rheumatic pericarditis; buried Dell Park Cemetery Natick MA
William Pierce died of phthisis pul.


1870 Somerville District (Middlesex) MA
Edwards Albert    59    Commission Produce    __    5000    ME
_____ Susan    54    Keeps House    ME
_____ Abbie    32    At Home    MA
_____ Sophia    22    At Home    MA
_____ Susan    14    At School    ME
Pierce William    40    Sash & Blind Maker    __    1000    MA
_____Lizzie    10    At School    MA
_____ Edward    1    At Home    MA

1880 Boston (Suffolk) MA
Pierce Abbie M    42    widowed    Keeping house    ME    ME    ME
_____ Lizzie J    20    Daughter    At home    MA    MA    ME
_____ Edward J    11    Son    At school    MA    MA    ME
_____ Abbie G    4    Daughter    MA    MA    ME
Brown Benjamin H    9/12    Sept    Boarder    MA    MA    MA
Holden Harley E    9/12    Sept    Boarder    MA    MA    MA

1900 Boston City (Suffolk) MA
Mason Bradley C    Sept 1863    M 3    ME    ME    MA    Police Officer
_____ Abbie G    July 1875    M 3    0    0    MA    MA    ME
Pierce Abbie M    Mother in Law    Jan 1838    Wd    5    3    ME    ME    ME

1910 Boston (Suffolk) MA
Mason Bradley C    47    13    ME    ME    MA    Police Sergent    City
_____ A Gertrude    34    13    1    1    MA    MA    ME    none
_____ Lyman C    Son    __    S    MA    ME    MA    none

1920 Boston (Suffolk) ME
Pierce Edward J    51    MA    MA    ME    Manager    Furniture
_____ Margaret S M    MA    Ireland    Ireland    none
_____ Geraldine    Daughter    17    S    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ E Storer    Son    14    S    MA    MA    MA    none

1920 Boston (Suffolk) MA
Mason Bradley    56    ME    ME    MA    Lieutenant    Police Dept
_____ Abbie G    43    MA    MA    ME    Housewife    Home
_____ Lyman C    19    S    MA    ME    MA    Sorter    Leather ___

1930 Boston (Suffolk) MA
Mason Bradley C    67    M 33    MA    ME    MA    retired
_____ Gertrude A    54    M 21    ME    MA    ME    none

1930 Boston (Suffolk) MA
Mason Lyman C    29    M 28    MA    ME    MA    Manager    Store
_____ Irene H    28    M 27    MA    Irish Free State    RI    Waitress    Hotel