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Sophia Elizabeth Edwards

Father: Mother:

Albert Edwards
Susan Hill Dunnell

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

11/1/1847 Boston MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
George Isaac Vincent 11/20/1872 Allston MA George Vincent Magaret McCharty

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

7/6/1851 Somerville MA 2/5/1905 Somerville MA


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Martha Edwards Vincent 5/7/1875 Somerville MA

Susan Margaretta Vincent 1/30/1877 Somerville MA

Alice Mabel Vincent 4/23/1879 Somerville MA

Sophia May Vincent 5/4/1885 Somerville MA


Family located: Somerville MA
Occupation: City Clerk, Somerville MA

In 1874 Mr. Vincent began his thirty-one years of clerical connection with the city by being appointed Clerk to the Mayor. To this duty were soon added those of clerk of various other officers and committees. In 1882 he became Clerk of Assessors and Committees, and in 1888 was unanimously elected City Clerk, which office he held until his death.

Other Info:

Martha Edwards Vincent m 6/10/1901 Somerville MA George Carl Reinhard s of Philip C Reinhard and Susan Richwein
Susan Margaretta Vincent m 9/24/1914 Somerville MA Robert Hatfield Merritt s of Robert T Merritt and Nancy K Brown
Sophia May Vincent m 11/25/1914 Somerville MA Charles Smith Fyfe s of Peter A Fyfe and Agnes Smith
George I Vincent died of pneumonia, buried Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge MA


1880 Somerville (Middlesex) MA
Vincent George    68    Gardener    England    England    England
_____ Margaret    69    Wife    Keeping house    Ireland    Ireland    Ireland
_____ George I    28    Son    Clerk City    MA    England    Ireland
_____ Sophia E    32    Daugh in law    at home    MA    ME    ME
_____ Martha E    5    gr daughter    MA    MA    MA
_____ Susan M    3    gr daughter    MA    MA    MA
_____ Alice M    1    gr daughter    MA    MA    MA
Mumleth Isabella    17    Servant    House work    Canada    Canada    Ireland

1900 Somerville City (Middlesex) MA
Vincent George I    July 1851    M 27    MA    England    England    City Clerk
_____ Sophia E    Nov 1847    M 27    4    4    MA    ME    ME
_____ Martha E    Daughter    May 1875    S    MA    MA    MA    Spanish ___
_____ Susie M    Daughter    Jany 1877    S    MA    MA    MA
_____ Alice M    Daughter    Apr 1879    S    MA    MA    MA    Clerk at City Hall
_____ Sophia M    Daughter    May 1885    S    MA    MA    MA    At school
_____ Margaret F    Mother    Dec 1810    Wd    1    1    England    England    England
Donahue Delia    Servant    May 1878    S    Ireland    Ireland    Ireland    Domestic

1910 Somerville (Middlesex) MA
Vincent Sophia E    62    Wd    3    3    MA    ME    ME    none
_____ Susan N    Daughter    33    S    MA    MA    MA    Clerk    __ Office
_____ Alice M    Daughter    31    S    MA    MA    MA    ___    City Hall
_____ Sophia M    Daughter    24    S    MA    MA    MA    Stenographer    Retail __
1 servant, 1 lodger also in household

1920 Somerville (Middlesex) MA
Fyfe Charles L    36    Scotland    Scotland    Scotland    Salesman    Auto Supplies
_____ Sophia M    34    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ Margery    3/12    S    MA    Scotland    MA    none
Vincent Sophia E    Mother in law    72    Wd    MA    ME    ME    none
_____ Alice M    Sister in law    40    S    MA    MA    MA    Policy Clerk    Insurance

1930 Somerville (Middlesex) MA
Fyfe Charles    47    M 27    Scotland    Scotland    Scotland    Salesman    Automobiles
_____ Sophia    44    M 22    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ Marjorie    Daughter    10    S    MA    Scotland    MA    none
_____ Vincent    Son    6    S    MA    Scotland    MA    none