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James W Meserve

Father: Mother:

Samuel Meserve
Sarah Jose

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Buxton ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Clara A Hamilton
Biddeford ME
Noah Hamilton
Clara Seavey

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Waterboro ME
Buxton ME
Name:Marriage Date:Marriage Location:Father:Mother:
Fannie C Fall
Chelsea MA
Sylvester Fall
Catharine Hanscom

Birth Date:Birth Location:Death Date:Death Location:


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Captola H Meserve
Buxton ME

Other Info:

Clara A Meserve 39 6 15 d catarrhal pneumonia, bur Tory Hill Cemetery South Buxton

Captola [Tola] Meserve b Buxton ME m 8/12/05 Waterboro ME Willard V Chadbourne, 25, b Waterboro
Alfred V Chadbourne b 4/16/1904 Buxton ME 1st ch
Ruby Augusta Chadbourne b 7/31/1905 Buxton ME 2nd ch
Andrew Berley Chadbourne b 10/1/1906 Buxton ME 3rd ch
all 3 b certs give Captola's birth place as Boston MA

WW1 draft registration 9/12/1918
Willard Vernor Chadbourne b 12/31/1876; nearest rel: Tola H Chadbourne, wife; tall, slender, gray eyes, black hair


1880 Buxton (York) ME
Meserve Samuel    62    Grocer    ME    ME    ME
_____ Sarah    63    Wife    Keeping house    ME    ME    ME
_____ Alfred    28    Son    S    Works in Saw Mill    ME    ME    ME
_____ James W    25    Son    M    Gorcer    ME    ME    ME
_____ Clara A    22    Wife    M    ME    ME    ME

1900 Buxton (York) ME
Meserve James W    May 1858    M 2    ME    ME    ME    Merchant
_____ Fanny C    Sept 1871    M 2    0    0    ME    ME    ME
_____ Tola H    Daughter    Apr 1884    S    ME    ME    ME    at school
_____ Alfred    Brother    May 1856    S    ME    ME    ME    Merchant

1910 Buxton (York) ME
Chadbourne Willard V    33    M1 6    ME    ME    ME    Surveyor    Lumber
_____ Captola H    26    M1 6    5    4    MA    unknown    unknown    none
_____ Alfred V    Son    6    S    ME    ME    MA    none
_____ Andrew B H    Son    3    S    ME    ME    MA    none
_____ Lucy H    Daughter     1 11/12    S    ME    ME    MA    none
_____ Lena F    Daughter    5/12    S    ME    ME    MA    none

1840 Buxton (York) ME
Meserve Fannie C    80    Wd    ME
_____ Alfred    Brother in law    86    S    ME