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Elizabeth Bradford Edwards

Father: Mother:

Bela Cass Edwards
Sarah Ann Guilford

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

3/10/1851 Portland ME 7/15/1876 Haverhill MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Volney Orlando Whitcomb 2/15/1871 Haverhill MA James Harding Whitcomb Louise Mina Philbrick

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

10/19/1841 So. Reading VT 3/11/1909 Cavendish VT


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Harold Volney Whitcomb 4/12/1875 Haverhill MA 1/191946
Cavendish VT
Elizabeth Louise Whitcomb 7/10/1876 Haverhill MA


Family located: Haverhill MA; Cavendish VT
Occupation: Shoe-cutter

Other Info:

Volney O Whitcomb rem 12/11/1887 Cavendish VT Abbie E Allen

WW1 draft reg: Harold Volney Whitcomb emp Gay Bros Co weaver; 5' 4", stout, blue eyes, brown hair, very near sighted; next of kin Lucille W Orford Northampton MA
Harold Volney Whitcomb d coronary thrombosis; ret woolen mill; never married

Lucile W Orford b 12/27/1905 [NY] d 7/12/1997 CT


1880 Ward 5 Haverhill (Essex) ME
Whitcomb Volney    45    Lodger    Shoe Cutter    VT
living in the home of Stephen D Prescott

1880 Cavendish (Windsor) VT
Whitcomb J H    69    NH    NH    NH
_____ Louisa    71    Wife    Keeping house    VT    NH    NH
_____ Harold    5    Grandson    MA    VT    ME
_____Lizzie    3    Granddaughter    MA    VT    ME

1900 Cavendish (Windsor) VT
Whitcomb Volney O    Oct 1841    M 12    VT    NH    VT
_____ Abbie E    July 1844    M 12    0    VBT    VT    MA
_____ Harold V    Son    Apr 1875    S    MA    VT    ME    Woollen mill-weaver
_____ Elizabeth L    Daughter    July 1876    S    MA    VT    ME

1910 Cavendish (Windsor) VT
Whitcomb Abbie E    65    Wd    1    1    VT    VT    MA    own income
Orphard Lucille W    granddaughter    4    S    NY    NY    MA

1910 Northampton (Hampshire) MA
Orford Elizebeth    33    D    1    1    MA    VT    ME    __tist    Beauty Parlor

1920 Northampton (Hampshire) MA
Orford Elizabeth W    43    Wd    MA    NY    MA    Canvasser    Dress Goods
_____ Lucile W    daughter    14    S NY    NY    MA    none

1920 Cavendish (Windsor) VT
Whitcomb Harold V    44    S    MA    VT    ME    weaver    woolen mill


For more information about the ancestors of Volney Orlando Whitcomb, see this section of We Whitcombs.