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The Edwards Coat of Arms

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Emeline Elizabeth Edwards

Father: Mother:

William Edwards
Sarah Ann Elwell

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

7/15/1851 Poland ME 4/30/1900


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
George Tarbox 9/1872 Boston MA Benjamin Franklin Tarbox Harriet Stetson

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

5/28/1849 New Gloucester ME


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Annie Drew Tarbox 6/3/1873

Grace Ethel Tarbox 5/30/1878

George William Tarbox 7/30/1881


Family located:
Occupation: Boot and Shoe Dealer

Other Info:


1880 Malden (Middlesex) MA
Tarbox H George    29    Salesman    ME    ME    ME
_____ E Lizzie    26    Wife    Keeping house    ME    ME    ME
_____ D Annie    6    Daughter    MA    ME    ME
_____ E Grace    2    Daughter    MA    ME    ME

1900 Malden city (Middlesex) MA
Tarbox George    May 1849    M 27    ME    ME    ME    Shoe Dealer
_____ Annie D    Daughter    June 1872    S    MA    ME    ME    Teacher
_____ Grace    Daughter    May 1878    S    MA    ME    ME    Teacher
_____ George W    Son    July 1881    S    MA    ME    ME    Shoe Salesman

1910 Malden (Middlesex) MA
Tarbox George H    60    M1    37    ME    ME    ME    Merchant    Boots + Shoes
_____ Anna D    Daughter    36    S    MA    ME    ME    Teacher    School

1910 Malden (Middlesex) MA
Tarbox George W    28    M 2    MA    ME    ME    Clerk    Shoe Store
_____ Margaret C    26    M 2    0    0    NJ    MA    ME    none
Swan Emily M    Mother in law    64    Wd    MA    VT    ME    none

1920 Malden (Middlesex) MA
Tarbox George H    70    Wd    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Annie    Daughter    46    S    MA    ME    ME    none
Blois Grace T    Daughter    41    MA    ME    ME    none
_____ Arachel W    Son in law    41    Nova Scotia    Nova Scotia    Nova Scotia    Salesman    __ __ factory

1920 Everett (Middlesex) MA
Tarbox George W    38    MA    ME    ME    Salesman    Shoe
_____ Margaret    35    NJ    MA    MA    Saleslady    Shoe
Swain Emily W   
Mother in law    79    Wd    MA    VT    MA    none

1930 Everett (Middlesex) MA
Tarbox George W    48    M 26    MA    ME    ME    Proprietor    Shoe Store
_____ Margaret S    46    M 23    NJ    MA    MA    none


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