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Esther Lucille Edwards

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Jesse Locke Edwards
Hannah Estelle Estes

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Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Herbert H Gray 12/24/1903 Auburn ME Charles W Gray Melissa Adams

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

1886 Mechanic Falls ME


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1920 Mexico (Oxford) ME
Horan Charles M    33    Canada    Ireland    England    __ __    Paper Mill
_____ Esther    33    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Elizabeth M    Daughter    5    S    ME    Canada    ME    none
_____ Florence    Daughter    4 3/12    S    ME    Canada    ME    none
_____ Ruth    Daughter    1 1/12    S    ME    Canada    ME    none
_____ Arline    Stepdaughter    14    S    ME    ME    ME    none

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by email from Lynn T:
6/14/02 - I think I can fill in some blanks on your genealogy list. We have been searching for this information recently because my mother, who died several years ago, never told my sisters and I much about her family. Her name was Elizabeth Mae Terpstra, nee Horan. Her mother was Esther Lucille Edwards who married Herbert H. Gray and then married a man named Horan. As I said my mother never talked much about her family. We knew she had an Aunt Jane (Jessie Veletta Edwards -- they were close in age and I believe Jane died of cancer at an early age), we knew she had an Uncle Ansel Jordan who was married to Aunt Georgie (Esther Edwards' sister Georgiana). She also did talk about an earlier ancestor named "Sir" Humphrey Edwards whom she was told (we don't know who told her this) married an Indian woman in Maine, and he always carried a gold-headed cane. We knew Mom's mother Esther was married twice and that my mother's father was named Horan and that he left the family at some point and went to Canada. We only found out about Grandmother Esther's first husband Herbert H. Gray when Aunt Arlene died and I found her obituary.
You don't have a death date for Herbert Gray who married Esther L. Edwards and I don't know when he died either or how he died either. He and my grandmother Esther had one child that I know of, my mother's half sister, Arlene. ... I don't know if Esther divorced Herbert Gray or if he died but she then married a Mr. Horan (sorry I have no idea what his first name is). They had 3 children, Elizabeth Mae (my mother), Ruth and Polly. Ruth died in the 1960's of cancer.
12/8/02 - I have since found out that my grandfather's name was Charles Horan (Esther's second husband).