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 Sunday Nov the 30 1873


Dear wife

I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines and let you know that I am well and hope these will find you the same I wrote to you last sunday how do you get along and is your health good this winter be sure and tell me the truth my health is good it never was better in the world it has snowed every day this week but one we have got two feet and ten inches in all it is nice sleding how is business down in maine this winter is there eny thing going on or is it dull as the devil tell me all about it I have not got but one letter from you since I left home


what is the matter with you that you that you do not write oftener I rather guess that you are getting tired of me or are you trying to forget that you have got a poor husband out west have you heard from my folks since you have been down to waldoboro I rther guess that they think that I am dead or the devil has got me for I have not wrote to them or eny one but you since I left Maine I have been to work 26 days have lost but one day and then i had a lame hand wat i is your Father doing this winter i send my best wishes to all and tell your father to write to me and i wil try and do as well as well as i did when we was at lewiston about writing i had a dream about you last night i thought that the supply team brought up a box and it was for me and i opened it & there was a frame picture of you and i thought it looked just like my darling


and it did look so good that i had to hug and kiss it and then my bunk mate pulled my hare and woke me up and wanted know what in the devil i was huging him for now Emma my darling be sure and not disappoint about that picture if you do i shall go crazy about it be sure and send it Emma my darling so that i can have some thing to look at that looks like one that i love darling

what did you have that was good for thanksgiving i hope you had a good time i was to work hard all day

it is after ten oclock and i must go to bed for i have got to get up at 4 fore oclock and feed my team

good by for this time darling

write often for you have nothing else to do

from your true and loving husband

Henry Edwards