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Letters from Henry

  Dec the 7 1873


Kind Mother

I thought it was about time to write you a few lines and let you know that i was alive and well and hope this will find all of you the same i am at work in the northern part of Wisconsin in the woods the lumber that we are cuting belongs to Edward Decker he owns 14,000 acres pine land and he is meaner and snugger than old nate decker ever was


he is worth about 800,000 dollars he skins every thing and every body that he gets hold of

i will tell you what it is if the folks in the east lived as snug and cringeing as they do out here they could get just as rich there as they can here that is gods truth how did the children get through with their sickness what is Father and dexter doing this winter how is hattie getting along and all the rest

is sade at lewiston now tell her to write to me and tell her to write all the news how does Charles Brackett and his wife get along


uncle F. Winslow lives about 40 miles from whare i am this is a good place to work and earn good pay but i would not live here all the time for the whole town i am getting 45 dollars per month i am driving one yoke of oxen they are little fellows they only girt 7 feet 8 or 9 inches i gues that dexter would like to have them

whare is Emma and how is she getting along how is business this winter i have been to work 33 days

write as soon as you get this

from your son

Henry Edwards

direct your letters


Mr. Henry Edwards


kewawnee County