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Letters from Henry


 Casco Dec the 28 1873


Dear Mother

I received your kind letter last friday it came verry near being a cristmas present only one day late

I am glad to hear that you are all well my health is good never better i only weigh 196 pounds you are mistaken in thinking that i dont like out here for i do you say it hard times down east it just the same out here wages are only half as high as last year


and then we are having an open winter out here this winter in Nov we had snow a plenty about two feet but the first of this month we had a large rain storm and it spoilt our sleding and we laying around the camp doing nothing and earning nothing they give us our board we are shooting deer to to kill time they are plenty we have venison to eat two times each day if we had a plenty snow so that we could work all the time i should feel a great deal more contented but if bussiness starts up in the spring i shall bore for oil and see if i can make a strike and if it keeps dull i dont what i shall do


the lumber that we are cutting will average about 4 feet and 6 inches on the stump and 100 feet tall 12 inches at the top we cut them down and saw them up in to 16 and 20 feet logs we have to haul it about 3 miles we make 6 and 7 trips a day all of old david Deckers folk live about 4 miles from here the old man himself is dead and thare is a man by the name of King that came from windham he youst to drive team for the Bridgton folks his wife was a decker i have wrote to Emma to day and so much to you and i am getting tired


give my love to all

write often

your son

H. Edward

direct as before