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 Jan the 12 1879


Dear wife

after this long time i take my pen in hand to let you kow that i am still alive and well and hope this will find you the same i should have wrote last sunday but we thought we should have to come home this by today for the want of staves they had a bad break down in the mill but they have got it all right and we shall have all the staves we want i have been here two weeks the first one i made six dollars and ten cents besides my board and last week i made seven dollars and 40 cents clear and worked one nite in the mill besides


how is the babies and what does Ella say about her papa tell her that i send her a kiss and she must be a good girl and when i come home i will bring her some new shoes

how does hall get along on his own tell him to do the best he can and not hurt himself how is mother getting along is dexter over to Home as much as ever has sade got home ??? ??? wants to know there is three brothers here from waldoboro their name is black one is Charles and one Eugene they are coopers how much snow is thare at casco the man that works in the shop with me is from Harrison his name is Walker he is a good man if nothing happens i can make about 1.25 a day clear my hands are cusid sore they look like the devil There one hundred and 46 men that bord herein my room ther is only 13 beds we call it the dear park ed winslow sleaps with me he drives a team around the mill george we works night in the mill Charles ??? is as steady as a mill


i cant think of eny thing more so be of good courage and next spring you shall have ten dollars to by you a new dress write as soon as you get this

from one that thinks of your forty times a day kiss the babies for me good by for this time

direct to

C. H. Edwards

Hiram Falls