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Josiah Edwards

Father: Mother:

Jonathan Edwards
Sally Copp

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:


3/7/1841 Gilmanton NH


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Mahala [Mahaliah] Norris

Joseph Norris
Hannah Giles
of Barnstead
Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Barnstead NH


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Adaline L Edwards [1832]
Gilmanton NH 1870

Eliza A Edwards


Emery Norris Edwards


Sarah C Edwards
Gilmanton NH
Orlando FL
Anna N Edwards
Gilmanton NH

Other Info:

Josiah W Edwards of Gilmanton m 11/30/1831 Mahala [Mahaliah] Norris of Barnstead, b 7/2/1804 Barnstead NH dau of Joseph Norris and Hannah [Giles]
Josiah Edwards is buried in Union Cemetery, Laconia NH; interred 3/10/1841; see findagrave
Mahala [Norris] Folsom d 7/20/1878, bur Worcester Rural Cemetery, Worcester MA; see

Adaline L Edwards, 24 [b Gilmanton NH dau of Josiah and Mahala Edwards] m 1/1/1857 Worcester MA Francis Sanders, carpenter, b Townsend MA s of Ebenezer and Mehittable Sanders
buried Worcester Rural Cemetery; see findagrave

Eliza Edwards is poss bur East Leverett Cemetery, Leverett MA; see findagrave; William Gardner, both his wives, and infant daughter are buried there also

Emory Norris Edwards 1872-1882 registered voter Sacramento CA
Emery Norris Edwards bur Sacramento City Cemetery, Sacramento CA "A Native of Gilmanton N.H."; see findagrave

Sarah C Edwards, 22 [b Gilmanton NH dau of Josiah and Mahalah Edwards] m 1/15/1863 Worcester MA George H Fairbanks, 31 b Grafton s of Asa and Samantha B Fairbanks
George H Fairbanks b 12/31/1831, s of Asahel Fairbanks and Samantha Bates d 2/9/1911 Tewksbury MA arteriosclerosis, bur State Infirmary, Tewksbury MA
Annie M Fairbanks 20 b Northampton m 10/19/1885 Worcester MA Herbert W Searle 25 machinistb Worcester s of Edwin Serle and Emeline _____
Sarah C Eldridge b 5/27/1838 Gilmanton NH dau of J Eldridge b NH and Mahala N Norris, widow of C M Eldridge d 4/26/1931 Orlando FL age 92 10 29; bur Worcester MA 4/29/1931
Sarah C Eldridge buried Worcester Rural Cemetery; see findagrave
WW1 Draft Registration 6/5/1917: Harold Sinclair Searle b 6/3/1892 Worcester MA; occ Sec Sales Dept Union Twist Drill Co [govt work]; med height, slender build, lt brown eyes, dk brown hair
Harold Searle  d age 72 9/1964 Florida

Anna N Edwards, 34 [b Gilmanton NH dau of Josiah W Edwards and Mahala Norris] m 12/10/1873 Worcester MA Francis Sanders, 43 s of Ebenezer Sanders and Mehitable Bailey, his 2nd marriage [marriage also registered in Northhampton
buried Worcester Rural Cemetery; see findagrave


1840 Gilmanton (Strafford) NH
Josiah W Edwards
1 male, 2 females under 5
2 females 5-10
1 male 20-30
1 male, 1 female 30-40

1850 Meredith (Belknap) NH
Jonathan Folsom    71    Farmer    4000    NH
Mahala “     46    NH
Adaline “     31    NH
Lucy “     20    NH

1860 Laconia (Belknap) NH
Jonathan Folsom    81    Farmer    5000    5000    MA
Mahala N “     56    MA
Eliza Evans    50    MA
Willie F Chase    3    MA

1870 Ward 5 Worcester (Worcester) MA
Fairbanks George    37    works in bo?? shop    2000    300    MA
_____ Sarah    32    keeping house    NH
_____ Anna M    2    at home    MA
Folsom Mehaley    66    no occupation    200    NH
Edwards Anna    Tailoress    NH

?1880 Belmont (Belknap) NH
Wiggin John G    46    M    Farmer    NH    NH    NH
_____ Nancy J    36    M    Keeping house    NH    NH    NH
_____ Arthur J    7    Son    S    NH    NH    NH
Norris Nancy    73    Mother in law    Wd    NH    NH    NH
Edwards Sarah C    74    Boarder    S    [blind]    NH    NH    NH

1900 Swansey (Cheshire) NH
Fairbanks George H    Dec 1832    Wd    MA    MA    CT    Farmer
Tayler Fannie A    Sister in law    Wd    0    0    NY    VT    NH    Housekeeper

1880 Northampton (Hampshire) MA
Sanders Francis    49    M    Grocer    MA    MA    MA
_____ Anna N    44    M    NH    NH    NH

1880 Worcester (Worcester) MA
Eldridge Erastus M    43    M    Painter    MA    MA    MA
_____ Sarah C    42    M    Keeping house    NH    NH    NH
Fairbanks Annie M   14   Daughter   S   at school   Slow Fever   MA   MA   NH

1900 Worcester (Worcester) MA
Searle Herbert    Nov 1859    M 15    MA    ME    ME    Super RB&F
_____ Annie M    Aug 1865    M 15    1    1    MA    NH    MA
_____ Harold S    Son    Jun 1892    S    MA    MA    MA    at school

1900 Worcester (Worcester) MA
Eldridge Erastus    Jan 1837    M 15    MA    MA    MA    House painter
_____ Sarah C    May 1838    M 15    1    1    NH    NH    NH

1910 Worcester (Worcester) MA
Eldridge Erastus    74    M1 35    MA    MA    MA    none
_____ Sarah C    72    M1 35    2    1    NH    NH    NH    none

1920 Worcester (Worester) MA
Eldridge Sarah C    81    wd    NH    NH    NH    none
Searle Annie M    54    wd    MA    MA    NH    none

1940 West Palm Beach (Palm Beach) FL
Searle Harold S    48    M    MA    treasurer    retail department store
_____ Johnnie M    wife    48    M    FL    music teacher    at home
_____ Anne M    daughter    21    S    FL

1850 Gilford (Belknap) NH
Sarah Edwards    12    NH
living in the household of John B Leach

1860 Northampton (Hampshire) MA
Francis Saunders    29    Farmer    2000    1000    MA
Adeline    28    NH
Elisa Edwards    27    NH

1850 Gilmanton (Belknap) NH
Emery N Edwards    14    NH
living in the household of Hezekiah Bean

1860 Carrollton (Greene) IL
Emory Edwards    23    Teacher    NH
living in the household of Reuben Canico

1900 Worcester (Worcester) MA
Edwards Eliza A    Boarder    Mar 1834    S    NH    not known    not known
living in the household of William M Gardener

1910 Worcester (Worcester) MA
Edwards Eliza A    Boarder    76    S    NH    NH    unknown    none
living in the household of William Gardner, Queen Street

1855 Worcester (Worcester) MA
Adeline S Edwards    24    NH
Sarah C “     18    NH
living in the household of Joel Garfield