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The Edwards Coat of Arms

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Hannah T Edwards

Father: Mother:

Samuel S Edwards
Hannah Thompson

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

8/1816 Liberty ME
Lowell MA


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
James Prescott 3/4/1852
Stephen Prescott
Rachel Rundlett
of China Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

Gilmanton NH


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Rose E Prescott

Stephen M Prescott
China ME

Addie Frances Prescott
Palermo ME
Newton NH

Other Info:

Hannah died age 79 concussion of brain; bur Pine Grove Cemetery, S Montville ME

Stephen M Prescott m 7/5/1885 Lowell MA Addie F White,23, Operative b Orland ME dau of Hiram White and Addie L _____

Addie F Prescott 29 domestic m [date unclear] Lowell MA John H[oward] Baker 23 teamster b Nova Scotia s of Wesley and Sarah
Edith May Baker b 8/9/1892 Andover MA
Ralph Fielding Baker b 7/8/1895 Andover MA
Raymond Prescott Baker b 5/15/1896 Andover MA
Raymond P Baker 0 3 1 d 8/17/1896 Andover MA, general debility, bur Lowell MA
John Howard Baker b 6/29/1897 Andover MA
Addie Frances Baker b 7/6/1898 Andover MA
Stephen Manson Baker b 7/28/1901 Andover MA
Stephen M Baker, 0 6 20, d 2/17/1902 Andover MA, measles and broncho pneumonia, bur Lowell MA
Edith M Baker, spooler, of Andover MA m 3/21/1915 Auburn NH William W Cook 26 carpenter of Auburn NH b Lynn MA
Addie Frances Prescott Baker d 9/26/1942 Newton NH age 82 married to John Howard Baker dau of James Prescott and Hannah T Edwards


1860 Palermo (Waldo) ME
James Prescott    53    Farmer    800    448    ME
Hannah “     43    ME
Rose “ 7    ME
Stephen “     3    ME

1870 Palermo (Waldo) ME
Prescot James    63    Farmer    800    475    NH
_____ Hannah    53    keeping house    ME
_____ Rose E    17    ME    attended school within the year
_____ Stephen M    13    ME    attended school within the year
_____ Ada F    10    ME    attended school within the year

1880 Palermo (Waldo) ME
Prescott James    73    Farmer    unem. 5 mo-inflamation of the bowels    NH    NH    NH
_____ Hannah T    63    Keeping house    ME    NH    NH
_____ Stephen M    23    Laborer    ME    NH    ME
_____ Addie F    20    at school    ME    NH    ME
Dollief Rose M    1    Grand daughter    ME    ME    ME

1900 Lowell City (Middlesex) MA
Prescott Stephen M    July 1858    M 14    ME    ME    ME    ___ hosiery
_____ Addie F    Feb 1862    M 14    ME    ME    ME
Davis John F    Boarder    May 1869    M 3    ME    ME    ME    ???
_____ Kattie M    Sister in law    May 1870    M 3    ME    ME    ME    ???

1900 Andover (Essex) MA
Baker John H    Sept 1866    M 10    Canada    Canada    Canada    farm laborer
_____ Addie F    June 1860    M 10    6    4    ME    NH    ME
_____ Edith M    Daughter    Aug 1892    S    MA    Canada    ME    at school
_____ Ralph F    Son    July 1895    S    MA    Canada    ME
_____ John H    Son    June 1897    S    MA    Canada    ME
_____ Addie F    Daughter    July 1989    S    MA    Canada    ME
1 servant 1 boarder also in household

1910 Andover (Essex) MA
Baker John H    43    M1 20    Canada    Canada    Canada    Forean    ???
_____ Addie F    49    M1 20    7    4    ME    NH    ME    none
_____ Edith M    Daughter    17    S    MA    Canada    ME    Reeler    Flax Mill
_____ Ralph F    Son    14    S    MA    Canada    ME    Doffer    Flox Mill
_____ John H    Son    12    S    MA    Canada    ME    none
_____ Addie F    Daughter    11    MA    Canada    ME    none

1910 Lowell (Essex) MA
Prescott Stephen    53    M1 24    ME    ME    ME    Painter    House
_____ Addie f    47    M1 24    0    0    ME    ME    ME    none
White Addie L    Mother in law    75    Wd    10    7    ME    ME    ME    none

1920 Worcester (Worcester) MA
January 7th and 8th
Worcester State Hospital
Prescott Stephen M    Patient    62    M    ME    ME    ME    none

1920 Madison (Somerset) ME
March 18th
Prescott Addie    62    Wd    ME    ME    ME    none

1920 Andover (Essex) MA
Baker John H    53    M    Canada    Canada    Canada    Laborer    Town of Andover
_____ Addie F    59    M    ME    NH    ME    none
_____ Ralph F    Son    24    S    MA    Canada    ME    Driver    Fire Engine
_____ Addie F    Daughter    21    S    MA    Canada    ME    Clerk     5 &10 Store

1930 Newton (Rockingham) NH
Baker J Howard    63    M    23    Canada    Canada    CanadaFarmer    General
_____ Addie    69    M    29    ME    NH    ME    none

1940 Newton (Rockingham) NH
Baker John H    73    M    Canada
_____ Addie    79    M    ME
Cook Mae E    Grand Daughter    24    S    MA