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Philip Waldo Edwards

Father: Mother:

Abial Hall Scribner Edwards
Anna Lucinda Conant

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

6/14/1873 Chelsea MA 10/2/1909 Portland ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Chestina Marsh 6/14/1899 Dixfield ME Albion Marsh Matilda _____

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

7/21/1875 Dixfield ME


Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Robert Marsh Edwards 4/14/1903 Portland ME

Marjorie Hope Edwards 9/11/1909 Portland ME


Family located: Portland ME
Occupation: Manufacturer of Sporting Goods.

Member of Blazing Star Lodge, No 30, AF&AM of ME and Mittalue Lodge No 99, K of P of ME.

Other Info:


1900 Rumford town (Oxford) ME
Edwards Philip June 1873    M 1    MA    MA    MA    Clerk paper mill
_____ Chestina    July 1876    M 1    0    0    ME    ME    ME

1910 Portland (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Chestina M    34    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Robert M    Son    7    S    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Margery H    Daughter    2    S    ME    ME    ME    none

1920 Dixfield (Oxford) ME
Gilkey Ransom E    62    VT    VT    VT    Clergyman    Church
_____ Chestina M    44    ME    ME    ME    none
Edwards Robert M    Stepson    16    S    ME    ME    ME    Student    High School
_____ Marjory H Stepdaughter    10    S    ME    ME    ME    none
Gilkey Ransom E Jr    Son    3 11/12    S    ME    VT    ME    none
Marsh Matilda A    Mother in law    68    Wd    ME    ME    ME    none

1930 Westbrook (Cumberland) ME
Edwards Robert M    27    M 22    ME    ME    ME    Embalmer    Undertaking
_____ Jeannette S    29    M 24    MA    ME    MA    none

1930 Dixfield (Oxford) ME
Marsh Matilda A    78    Wd    18    ME    ME    ME    none
Gilkey Chestina M    Daughter    53    Wd    23    ME    ME    ME    none
_____ Ransom E    Grandson    14    S    ME    ME    ME    none


For more information about the ancestors of Chestina Marsh, see this section of The Dixfield Citizen 1887.