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Sarah Ann Edwards

Father: Mother:

Nathaniel Edwards
Joanna Bradman

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:

9/20/1826 Casco ME 12/2/1906
Portland ME


Name: Marriage Date: Marriage Location: Father: Mother:
Nathaniel Stimson 1/21/1850 Bangor ME Nathaniel Stimson

Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:



Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Death Date: Death Location:
Willie Stimson
Woburn MA
Woburn MA
Henrietta Maria Stimson10/28/1859Portland ME
Frank Stimson

John Lowell Stimson1/4/1862
Portland ME
Portland ME
Henry Lovelace Stimson 6/30/1866 Portland ME


Family located: Milford NH; Portland ME
Occupation: Carriage Maker

Other Info:

Sarah [Edwards] Stimson d heart disease; birth place given as Oxford
Willie Stimpson b 8/17/1858 Woburn MA [father's occupation- painter]
[male] Stimson d 8/4/1858 Woburn MA age 5 days reported from Milford NH [NH record for y/e 3/31/1859 gives Nathaniel Stimson's birthplace as New York
Henrietta M Stinson m 1880 Portland ME Milo C Miller
Alice Gertrude Miller b 9/2/1884 Portland ME; birth registered in Boston
Frances Etta Miller b 9/29/1886 Boston MA father brakeman b Greenfield mother b Milford NH
Frances E Miller m 9/26/1914 Portland ME Isaiah P Haynes
Henry L Stimpson m 7/16/1890 Portland ME Louisa Decelle


1860 Milford (Hillsborough) NH
Nathaniel Stimson    36    Painter    0    200    NH
Sarah A    27    Wife    ME
Henrietta M    7/12    NH

1870 Ward two City of Portland (Cumberland) ME
Stimpson Sarah A    29    Dress Maker    ME
_____ Henrietta    10    ME
_____ Henry L    3    ME
Edwards Joanna    60    ME
_____ Henrietta    23    Milliner    ME

1880 Portland (Cumberland) ME
Stinson Sarah A    35    Mother    Wd    Housekeeper    Oxford ME    ME    ME
_____ Henrietta M    17    daughter    S    Clerk in office    Milford NH    ME    ME

1900 Portland (Cumberland) ME
Stinson Sarah    Sept 1847    Wd    2    2    ME    ME    ME    Dressmaker
Miller Henrietta    Daughter    Oct 1864    D    2    2    MA    NY    ME    Stenographer
_____ Alice G    Grand D    Dec 1887    ME    MA    MA    at school
_____ Francis G    Grand D    Sept 1889    ME    MA    MA    at school
2 boarders also in household

1910 Portland (Cumberland) ME
Miller Henrietta M    39    D    2    2    NH    NY    ME    Clerk    City __ Office
_____ Alice G     Daughter    21    ME    MA    NH    Student    College
_____ Frances E    Daughter    23    MA    MA    NH    Teacher    School
Woodbury Henrietta C    45    Wd    ME    ME    ME    none

1900 Portland township (Cumberland) ME
Stimson Henry L    May 1866    M 10    ME    NY    ME    Druggist
_____ Mary L    Mar 1868    M 10    0    0    ME    Canada    Canada
Decille Marie B    Mother in law    May 1865    Wd    4    2    Canada    Canada    Canada

1910 Portland (Cumberland) ME
Stimson Henry L    43    20    ME    ME    ME    Druggist    Retail
_____ Louise    41    20    0    0    ME    ME    ME    none

1920 Portland (Cumberland) ME
Miller Henrietta M    48    D    NH    NY    ME    none
Woodbury Henrietta C    Aunt    59    Wd    ME    ME    ME    none